Introducing the Adorable Mochibi™ Plushies

In an attempt to catch up on review posts, let’s kick things off with Mochibi™†. This is a brand I was introduced to earlier this year but never got a chance to write about. If you’re an avid anime fan and love plushies, then you will simply adore their plushies. They are ultra-adorable, ultra-soft squishy anime character plushies available for a limited number of series.

Every plush features a common core body that resembles mochi, a Japanese dessert that is equally squishy. Each Mochibi takes an anime character and shrinks them down into a charming plush. There are currently plushies available from My Hero Academia, and Dragon Ball Z. It also looks like there might be a wave of Attack on Titan plushies coming soon with a few available for pre-orders.

Feel free to check out their official website as well as their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to learn more about Mochibi as well as stay up to date with their upcoming releases.

‡ Mochibi plushies were provided for this post.

† denotes that there are no affiliates included within this post

More about Mochibi

Super cute and super squishy, like Mochi (a Japanese rice cake dessert that’s squishy and delicious!) were our starting points, and from there we thought about what else we could do to make these special. After many rounds of design drafts, samples, and tinkering, the Mochibi we know and love today was born! MOCHIBI™ are cute stackable stylized plush. Mochibi is ultra-soft and squishy and has a “common body” look to emphasize the product line stylization. They are adorable and simplified versions of popular characters that also retain a lot of the detail that makes the character who they are. We use high-quality materials and filling to make Mochibi more than your average plush.