Lights In The Sky Over Red Rocks–NIN

I must admit that I am probably one of the biggest NIN geeks alive.  I get SOOO jacked up before a NIN show I can hardly contain myself……and I know I pester the shit out of my wife, family and co-workers for the few weeks leading up to the concert!  This was my 15th show to date and it was, by far, the absolute BEST one yet!

Anyway, the wife agreed to attend the Red Rocks NIN show with me and what else can either of us say but…….WHAT-A-FUCKING-GREAT-SHOW!!!!!  Trent and the fellas are performing music at a much more complicated and rewarding level than anyone else in the business.  The tense moments leading up to when NIN takes the stage is like no other experience on Earth…….pure energy coupled with intense anticipation of the upcoming onslaught on your senses!!

The band attacked the stage like a bum on a fuckin’ ham sandwich!!  Crowd energy peaked higher than I EVER thought possible, especially at the end of the opening four song set when Trent busted up one keyboard and threw another one off of the front of the stage into the crowd!  Highlights of the evening were the expected performance of ‘Wish’, ‘Hurt’ and ‘Head Like a Hole’…..but this show was so much more than that alone.  ‘Head Down’ and 1,000,000′ translated to the live stage show perfectly as well as a hat-trick of cuts from “Ghosts”.

Personal favorite moments from the show included a haunting version of ‘Liar’ (Reptile demo), ‘Wish’, ‘Gave Up’ and one of the most hateful songs ever created (my personal favorite), ‘Terrible Lie’.  There is not a more genuine stage moment in the history of music than when Trent is at the pinnacle of ‘Terrible Lie’ screaming “god damnit, you fucking promised me” at the big guy in the sky!

So do yourself and everyone else in your household a favor and pick up the new album entitled ‘The Slip’ (free on the website).  This show was more than worth the 26 hour round trip drive from Dallas to Colorado (although my wife was not crazy about being trapped in a car with me the whole time)!!

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