E3 2017: LucidSound Showcases LS35X, LS15X, and LS25 Gaming Headsets

Right before E3 2017, LucidSound announced their three latest gaming products. Of those products, two are wireless solutions for the Xbox One while the third is a wired product focusing on eSports. Starting off with wireless, the LS35X and the LS15X are more than just wireless audio solutions for the Xbox One console. The LS35X and the LS15X utilize Xbox Wireless technology to connect directly to the Xbox One and new Windows 10 PC’s that house the Xbox Wireless technology. Using the same connectivity that connects wireless controllers to the Xbox One console, these products provide you with full game audio and chat functionality without additional transceivers, dongles, or other additional console connections.


For the wireless solutions, each of these headphone models bring you more than just dongle-less wireless audio. Both the LucidSound LS35X and the LucidSound LS15X will be usable with Windows Sonic for Headphones, a surround sound technology for producing virtual 7.1 Surround Sound sound when playing on the Xbox One or Windows 10. Each of these LucidSound headsets are also compatible with the optional add-on of Dolby® Atmos for Headphones, at the cost of $15. Through Dolby® Atmos, gamers will be able to experience a gaming sound space that allows them to determine when sounds occur above or below them in game. This grants an additional level of in-game awareness that was once limited to a virtual 360 degrees of sound on a single level or plane.

Also, if you wish to use these headsets wirelessly with PC’s that don’t currently have Xbox Wireless technology, you can still use them with those PC’s by connecting through the separately sold Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows.

LucidSound LS35X Wireless Gaming Headset

The LS35X headset is practically the LucidSound LS30’s we reviewed and loved so much, except this time there are no dongles to set up. The LS35X gives you full control of your audio experience using intuitive controls on the headset itself. Turning dials on the left and right ear cups allow you to control the volumes of game and inbound chat individually. Pressing the sides on each of those ear cups mute game sound and outbound chat. Additionally, the LS35X sports two mics, one removable boom mic and an integrated one for when you want to chat without the boom mic, on the go.

If intuitive, easy-to-grasp controls aren’t enough for you, the LS35X uses a new ear-cup design for its leatherette cups, providing added comfort and even more space for your ears. Leatherette skin surrounds the sides providing sound isolation while a sort of fabric skin meets your skin. The fabric portion of the ear cups in combination with a treated memory foam comes together to combat sweat and fatigue.

The first 100% wireless and dongle-less product for the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and newly confirmed Xbox One X is coming our way in the Holiday season of 2017 for $179.

LucidSound Wireless LS15X In-Ear Contour Gaming Headset

Are over-ear and on-ear headsets more than you’re willing to cope with for long periods of play? There are plenty of gamers that opt out of headsets that cover your ears, preferring just simple ear buds for their gaming experience. Unfortunately, using earbuds mostly meant that you were to be tethered to your PC or you Xbox One controller. However, LucidSound now offers a wireless earbud solution for the entire Xbox One console family and Windows 10 PC’s running Xbox Wireless. Enter the LucidSound Wireless LS15X In-Ear Contour Gaming Headset.

The LS15X sits on the shoulders and neck, extending earbuds to each ear. Those earbuds can also dock in that neck unit, allowing users to use the LS15X’s integrated stereo speakers for playing audio around the gamers head. Not only do gamers have the option to avoid covering their ears with this solution, but they also have a means of hearing game audio while being aware of external sounds. The integrated mic is designed to focus on the wearer’s voice while blocking out external sounds in the speaker’s environment. Gamers that prefer their television’s audio can even opt to use the LS15X solely as a chat device, either playing voice chat through the LS15X’s integrated speakers or by using one of the earbuds in monaural fashion.

The LucidSound Wireless LS15X In-Ear Contour Gaming Headset is coming your way this Holiday season for $99.

LS25 Wired eSports Gaming Headset

Straying away from the wireless announcements, LucidSound also announced and showcased their new wired headset aimed at competitive gaming. Answering the call from gamers that wanted LucidSound to create a wired esports-centric version of their products, the LS25 brings LucidSound’s signature audio presentation through 50mm High Fidelity speakers with Neodymium magnets. The LS25 will sport standard LucidSound features, like their dual mic system and game audio controls as seen in the LS35X above, except with one of the ear cups controlling mic muting instead of chat volume.

Being a standard wired headset, you get a 3.5mm cable for use with your PC, consoles, and mobile devices as well a mic and speaker splitter for use on PC’s. This headset is coming right around the corner, becoming available in September 2017 for $80.

Be sure to keep an eye on all of these new LucidSound products at http://www.lucidsound.com/