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Marvel Collector Corps


Didn’t we tell ya that subscription boxes are all the rage these days? Yesterday, Marvel and Funko revealed Marvel Collector Corps. This is a new subscription service which is a collaboration between Funko and Marvel that will feature 100% exclusive collectibles, apparel and accessories from both the Marvel movie and comic universe.

Marvel Collector CorpsThe debut box ships in April and will feature items from Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, including an exclusive 6” Iron Man Hulkbuster Pop! vinyl collectible only available through Marvel Collector Corps. The box contents also include a T-shirt featuring one of four exclusive designs, an additional stylized vinyl collectible and two premium accessories.

The boxes will ship every two month’s and they have already revealed that Marvel’s Antman will be featured in the June Marvel Collector Corps box. With the first box already being touted as a $50 value, the Marvel Collector Corps box already seems like a must buy for Marvel fans since every box will set you back only $25 but remember shipping and handling are not included.

Subscriptions are available in two options: Collector and Founder. While both subscriptions are the same price, the Founder subscription is a 6-month subscription which includes an exclusive Founder Statue on the 12-month anniversary of their first box shipment whereas the Collector subscription simply does not include an additional collectible.

For more details regarding Marvel Collector Corps as well as to find out how to subscribe, simply check out

Marvel Collector Corps