Meet your personal thermostat, the Embr Wave | #CES2020 Spotlight

Have you ever spent your winters feeling a bit overheated in the office? Or have you sought relief from the harsh summer heat outside with frozen or iced drinks? Typically, if we ever needed to feel warmer or cooler in our homes, we’d just adjust the thermostat accordingly. However, once you were in the office or outside, there wasn’t an easy way to adjust your body’s temperature. Enter Embr Labs with their innovative Embr Wave.

The Embr Wave is a revolutionary wearable device that uses thermal sensations to impact your body and brain into altering your temperature. It is a small device that is meant to be worn on the inside of your wrist. Sam Shames, the co-founder of Embr Labs, initially invented the Embr Wave for this mother who was suffering from hot flashes. He found that wearing the small device on the inside of your wrist was the perfect place for the device’s temperature waveforms to work. With a simple press or through the use of the device’s mobile app, anyone would be able to set their perfect temperature.

Embr Wave App | CES 2020

In fact, Embr Labs’s technology has been validated by studies made by UC Berkley as well as Johnson & Johnson Innovation. The UC Berkley study examined 23 subjects with standardized clothing in a climate-controlled environmental chamber. It concluded that “the local warming and cooling had a significant effect on subjects who felt cool or warm before using the device.” The Johnson & Johnson study showed that wearing the device resulted in a 16% reduction in Hot Flash Related Daily interference for daytime hot flashes.†

During CES 2020, I was able to give the Embr Wave a spin and I was honestly blown away. Upon wearing the device, I was able to instantly feel a wave of cool air. I looked at my wrist and didn’t visibly see any waves of air but I definitely felt cooler. Sam, who was on hand, switched the Wave to heat and I instantly felt the cold waves of air switch over to a warm comforting wave. Honestly, this is mind-blowing science that you have to try to believe!

“We are thrilled to return to CES to share the wellness potential of temperature,” notes Sam Shames, co-founder of Embr Labs. “Temperature sensations for improving how we feel is the next frontier for health and wellness, and we are excited to be leading this charge.”

Source: Embr Labs Press Release

Embr Labs is extending its thermal technology onto other areas of personal health. The Embr Wave’s Sleep Mode is a 35-minute cooling or warming session with temperature sensations that slow down over time to help lull you to sleep. They discovered that because the brain processes thermal sensations using the same neural network as social emotion, their technology has the potential to help people manage stress and anxiety. This is similar to how gravity blankets have emerged to aid with anxiety through the use of deep pressure touch. Embr would be able to use experiences of physical warmth (or coldness) [to] increase feelings of interpersonal warmth.

I’m intrigued to see where this thermal technology can go. I am impressed that such a small device can have such an impact throughout your entire body. Feel free to check out the studies as well as to check out the Wave for additional details I might not have covered here.

Sources: † Embr Labs Website; Images provided by Embr Labs

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About Embr Labs

Embr Labs is the first thermal wellness technology company and maker of the Wave, an intelligent bracelet that helps you feel colder or warmer by 5ºF. Despite only being sold in the United States, the Wave is being used in over 140 countries. The company’s patented technology harnesses the power of thermal sensations to deliver a brand new category of safe, non-invasive, and natural therapies that leverage the body and mind’s natural response to temperature to help people feel more comfortable, fall asleep faster, and be less stressed. Embr Labs was founded by MIT-trained engineers and is backed by investors including DigiTx Partners, Bose Ventures and Joyance Partners. For more information, please visit