Mercenaries 2 Review

Developed by Pandemic, this game is a third-person shooter.

And here is the full review of Mercenaries 2 on the Xbox 360.

So, I didn’t want to review this game when I first got it. I wanted to test it out over a couple days or so and give you what you come here for…lies. No, but really here’s the rundown…

The Looks: I have to say, the game does look good. There is a problem though. A lot of glitching, especially during the co-op play. There will be times where you’ll walk through buildings, and other times where you’ll be hauling a truck of oh say…parrots where your truck will be full one second, then empty the next; although, they are all still there, suffocating in their boxes. Your map will also play some Tom foolery on you when you’re following a route.

How It Plays: This game is actually very easy to get into. The controls are quite simple, just takes a minute or two for the average gamer to get into it. Just have to remember which buttons do what and that’s that. The single player story and the cop-op story are the exact same so whether you have friends or you’re home playing with yourself, you aren’t missing anything. Your friend can jump in and out at anytime. You are able to choose one of three characters at the beginning who don’t change the story.

Some of the dialogue is different but other than that there isn’t much of a difference. Weapon selection is rather slim BUT they make up for that with all of the different vehicles and air strikes. If you like blowing shit up then this is the game for you. Most of the missions involve killing people and/or blowing shit up. The awesome part is that this is a soapbox game, meaning you can go anywhere and do anything.

The Pros: A lot of fun to play with a friend, missions are challenging yet not impossible. Plenty of variety and different ways to complete each mission. If you’re just in the mood to mess around you are able to go anywhere instead of directly to the next mission.

The Cons: Little graphical issues here and there. Sometimes it can be a little frustrating.

The Final Answer: I like it, you should like it too. I give it a 4 out of 5 on my ‘Let’s hold hands and destroy Venezuela together with a smile’ scale. Enjoy!