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Alter Bridge With An Orchestra Live In London

Recorded over the course of two sold-out shows at London’s legendary Royal Albert Hall back in October of 2017, hard rock mainstays Alter Bridge have released their latest live album, out September 7, aptly titled Live At The Royal Albert Hall, through Napalm Records. And although it’s not the first recording of its kind for […]

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A Damned Documented Place in Punk History

Laser-focused on The Clash or the Sex Pistols, punk history might have forgotten one of the most influential bands of all. The Damned were the first to put out a punk single in the U.K. Even before the Sex Pistols’ ill-fated 1978 U.S. tour (or The Clash coming to America a year later), The Damned […]

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Suicide City: Live At CBGB’s DVD Review!

Blacklights, Backflips, And The Hottest Bassist To Date!

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Rush Hour Three Karate Chops the Competition

America enjoys repetition. People want the same thing everywhere you go: When you travel to even the far reaches of the earth, there’s always a McDonald’s. In 2004, people screamed for change and Bush still got re-elected. And now people flock to Rush Hour three to see the same movie they saw in 1998 and […]