Heavy Duty Footy Ditty

Football-Inspired Heavy Metal Band Reunites!

Heavy metal and “footy” (soccer) fans are dancing hard in the streets with warm heart cockles at the news of the reunion of THE GROUP OF DEATH, “the world’s foremost football-inspired heavy metal band.

They’re latest single “Like A Boot To The Face” will feel familiar to all those who’ve had their arses whipped by love -sigh- and haven’t we all… at least it’s a boot and not cleats! “The Group of Death” is named after the badassiest group in the FIFA World Cup. When a World Cup pool has teams that all as able as each other to slaughter and advance to the next round, it is called a Group of Death.

This Friday, 12/4 the football Group of Death will be chosen coinciding with the reunion Group of Death reunion performance at NYC’s favorite saloon for “footy” Nevada Smith’s.

Group of Death (the band) was created to “completely melt your face with its musical awesomeness”  The Group of Death has toured the world every four years since 1958 –Group of Death are Baron Von Steve, Lead Singer,  Bass, Vuvuzela; The Ant, Guitar; Joel “Joooeeeellll!” Trucadero, Guitar; Monster Matt Amretsnom, Drums.

The concert will kickoff the band’s world tour, which will culminate in Johannesburg, South Africa in June 2010.
The show:
Nevada Smith’s, NYC
Friday, December 4th
(date of the 2010 FIFA World Cup final draw)

Details and music:

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(The criticism of the judges at the Day Care Center's Art Show was frank, but absolutely fair.)
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(He made a frank appeal to his fiance to try it. Just once. C'mon once. Just to see what all the "fuss" is/was about.)
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