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Metallica Vinyl Release

So I’m wandering through my local Virgin Mega Store the other day and noticed that the selection of vinyl records has gone from a virtual non-existence to quite a large selection of the store.  I began thumbing through the little gems and became very excited as I ran through the “M” section and found………….drumroll………….the first (4) Metallica records all half speed-masters (Kill ‘Em All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All)!!!  The records play at 45 RPM and bring out incredible sound from my dusty old turntable.

The lesson is this–if you are too young to remember records, go buy a good turntable and start collecting!!  And if you do remember records, get these gems and experience Metallica as it was intended to be heard (because NOTHING sounds better than a clean slab of vinyl)!!!

Obey your Master!!!


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By Tim Hollingsworth

Just a middle-aged hippie down in the depths of Texas.

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You forgot to mention how much these stupid things cost and the crates laying all around the house 🙂 Ladies, if you read this do what I should have done and put your husbands stuff IN THE GARAGE….whatever you do don’t give him his own room for collecting cause it never says in there!! It will be all over your house!! Much love to the women who love men like mine…COLLECTORS

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