Musician Carter Hulsey’s Van Broken Into!

Carter Hulsey and his band’s van was broken into in Seattle.  This was the band last stop on their ironically named ‘Love Is All Around Us’ tour.  Very important and expensive items were stolen from the van including:

30-year-old Rhodes piano
Hulsey’s first guitar (a gift from his father)
400 T-shirts, hoodies and CDs
Nikon camera and lenses
All of the band members’ laptops, iPads and backpacks
Money earned from the tour

Donations are being accepted right here.  “In honor of our stolen instruments, we are going to record a few songs using instruments that cost $50 or less. Whoever helps us out by donating will receive the songs as soon as they are finished.”

Stealing is stupid and is just isn’t cool.   If it isn’t yours please don’t take it, and if you do decide to take it don’t be surprised if someone throws you a beatin’!  I know I’d throw you one…scumbag.