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Aiken For Some Clay

Clay Is Gay, Let’s See What The Clay Baby Has To Say…

Not So Breaking News:  As you can clearly see on the cover of People Magazine, one of Royal Flush’s favorite idols is out of the closet.

I’ll be honest with you all, did not see this coming.  He may sound gay, but I thought it was just his sensitive nature.  He was never seen with a woman, I thought it was because he was too busy to be wasting time on a female.  He artificially inseminated a woman, good call Clay.  That doesn’t make you gay, makes you smart.  A lot less legal problems if he decides to drop the baby off at a church.  Nothing is more manly that a guy that can make a baby, without even having sex.

No, I’m in a downward spiral of depression.  All these years defending Clay and his Claybee.  Oh well.  Way to disappoint me yet again Clay.  Not only did you blow your chances at American Idol, you also are blowing your chances to…never mind…

Oh, well.  Now that I am an unhappy camper, you can go right ahead and change your name Clay.  No longer will you be known as Clay Aiken, you’ll be Butt Aiken.  Cheers!

Leave a comment below or hit me up at GoodOlNubi@Gmail.Com with any questions or comments.  Love mail or hate mail.  I’ll take em all.  I’m Lil Nubi bringing you all of the frieghtining homophobic news so you don’t have to get it yourself!

By Lil Nubi

I'm kickin it Big Willy Style in New Jersey. Recently moved up here from Virginia Beach, Va. When I'm not keeping it real with the homies or the fly hunnies and sipping on the crunk juice, I'm checking out the latest movie films, checking out live shows and catching up on my dirty literature. If you need anything just shoot me an e-mail at LilNubi@RoyalFlushMagazine.Com and I'll be sure to reply...maybe...

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