Royal Flush has surprised even itself.



Cover story with the one and only Hugh Hefner!,

Rock Legend Joan Jett,

Inside the Mind of Ted Nugent,

Basil Gogos,

Leslie Neilsen,

Golfing with Alice Cooper,

Jack Kirby and his friend Frank Zappa.

Harvey Pekar,

Dethklok, Osaka Popstar and Lamb of God!

Under Cover Nerd… Jenna Jameson,

Californication and the Man Behind the Machete, Danny Trejo,

Red Hot Funny Guys; Jeffrey Ross, Jim Gaffigan and Brian Posehn!

Plus, Hispanic Batman Vs. Hugh Hefner, Diarrhea Dog, The Man Awards, The Return of the Douche Bag 100, The Super Friends, Harvey Pekar, Paul Pope, Lux Interior, Basil Gogos, Torche, Black Tide, Osaka Pop Star, Evan Handler, Madeline Zima, Danny Trejo, Slayer and so much more!

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By Frankenstylin

I'm Frank!- and to the point.
Whatcha see is what ya get, and I'm not Jakked, but I am well defined: Unabridged (v 1.1) - Cite This Source - Share This
*Frank!- [frangk] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation adjective, -er, -est, noun, verb
1. direct and unreserved in speech; straightforward; sincere:
(The criticism of the judges at the Day Care Center's Art Show was frank, but absolutely fair.)
2. without inhibition or subterfuge; direct; undisguised:
(He made a frank appeal to his fiance to try it. Just once. C'mon once. Just to see what all the "fuss" is/was about.)
3. Pathology. unmistakable; clinically evident:
(frank blood.) I'm not touching that.
4. Archaic. liberal or generous. Yeah-your welcome.
5. Obsolete. free.

—Related forms
frank·a·ble, adjective
franker, noun

—Synonyms 1. unrestrained, free, bold, uninhibited. Frank, candid, open, outspoken imply a freedom and boldness in speaking. Frank is applied to one unreserved in expressing the truth and to one's real opinions and sentiments: a frank analysis of a personal problem. Candid suggests that one is sincere and truthful or impartial and fair in judgment, sometimes unpleasantly so: a candid expression of opinion. Open implies a lack of reserve or of concealment: open antagonism. Outspoken applies to a person who expresses himself or herself freely, even when this is inappropriate: an outspoken and unnecessary show of disapproval.
—Antonyms 1. restrained. Unabridged (v 1.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.