E3 2012 – Nintendo Recap

Nintendo’s Press Show today was mixed at best. The show started strong with Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros U, and slowly went downhill with slipping into underwhelming casual offerings SiNG and Wii Fit U. The Nintendo news is not over yet though as Nintendo has a second press briefing featuring their offering for Nintendo 3DS tomorrow as well as more announcements for the Wii U as the week progresses. Check out my current best and worse of Nintendo thus far on the link below


I love Pikmin, so getting a sequel to one of the most underrated Gamecube games is a happy day indeed!

There’s always time for more Mario platforming goodness, hopefully we wont have to wait long like we did with the Wii did. I can’t wait for the next 3d Mario Wii U title

Seriously, how do you land a Platinum games exclusive and casually announce it like no one would care. One part Viewtiful Joe, and one part Pikim… sign me up!

Rayman Origin was a great game, and the Wii U sequel adds a number of exclusive features like NFC figures and asymmetrical coop

What do you do when you make a game with every noun you could possibly think of, make it so you can make up your own characters and nouns to solve puzzles and share them with your friends


Wow, this ear drum is shattering song and painfully scripted party in someone’s very nice staged living room should have never came on stage. Talk about a mood killer, Nintendo was never able to recover from this horrible trailer.

We all knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier to watch another fitness game trailer

Uhhhhhh this game doesn’t look bad, but the presentation dragged on and on… we get how batteries work.


Nintendo didn’t do as horrible as many would have you believe, but it wasn’t the break out presentation people for the core people like me were hoping for.


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