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Rock Band Adds Punk and Some Serious Heavy Metal to the Rock Band Music Store

Hello everybody! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Well, luckily for you I’m starting a new weekly post: Rock Band® DLC! This week’s downloadable content is for the Xbox 360 and Playstation Network folks. **************************************************** ROCK BAND® ADDS PUNK AND SOME SERIOUS HEAVY METAL TO THE ROCK BAND MUSIC STORE Cambridge, Mass. – February 13, 2009 […]

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Obama Worth 21 Million Bucks?

No but someone thinks his Obama art is.


TNA Wrestling’s Biggest Bitch, ODB!

I just wouldn’t call her a bitch to her face!

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3OH!3, Inner Party System and The Chain Gang of 1974

Dance, Electronica, Rap.  Know where I’m going with this?  Me neither, but  Chain Gang of 1974, Inner Party System and 3OH!3 put on one hell of a show.  Sadly, the venue sucks but what can ya do? All the shenanigans took place on November 22nd at Steppin Out in Virginia Beach. The Chain Gang of […]

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Mudvayne onDisc-&-onStage

More melody, more hooks. More better?

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The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Al Jaffee!

Royal Flush is proud to present an evening with Al Jaffee.

Mr. Jaffee is most famously known for his time spent at Mad Magazine where he brought us the ever funny, always clever and the single greatest reason to go to the back of the magazine first, the Mad Magazine Fold-Ins.

Come here Al speak about the ins and outs of the business and what it was like to be part of Mad as well as the early years of Marvel along side comicland superstar, Stan Lee.

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Make Sure You And Your Friend Aren’t Left4Dead

I must have been a really good girl this year because Santa was kind enough to bring me the best online multiplayer FPS game I have played all year. Gears of War 2, you were a glitchy disappointment. Left4Dead is literally what the game’s title suggests. You play through severalvignettes, or campaigns, as one of […]

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Metallica Vinyl Release

So I’m wandering through my local Virgin Mega Store the other day and noticed that the selection of vinyl records has gone from a virtual non-existence to quite a large selection of the store.  I began thumbing through the little gems and became very excited as I ran through the “M” section and found………….drumroll………….the first (4) […]

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Suicide City: Live At CBGB’s DVD Review!

Blacklights, Backflips, And The Hottest Bassist To Date!

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Bobaflex & Hydrovibe

Melting Faces In Virginia Beach!


Greatest Album…………Ever!!

I look forward to the holiday season each year just to get my hands one the years “Top Ten” lists. Keeping that in mind, I have a question for all of the Flush-Folks out there–what is (in your opinion) the greatest album ever recorded? Several entries come to mind (Appetite for Destruction, Never Mind the […]

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HIM’s Ville Valo Portrait Contest Winner Announced

Myspace user, Nell Fallcard ( shows her killer skills and wins a HIM Deluxe Venus Doow Box and a feature in the upcoming Royal Flush.

Congrats Nell!!!