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Runbow @ PAX Prime 2015

  A definitely memorable time during Pax Prime 2015 was surely the time Double-Jump, myself, and a couple of others were at the Nindies booth trying out a few of sessions of 13AM Games‘ masterpiece, Runbow on the Nintendo Wii U. Runbow is a colorful platformer where you constantly have to adapt to the ever-changing environment and punch your […]

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Pax Prime 2015: The Developer Interview Playlist

We’ve been keeping pretty busy lately so I deeply apologize that I’ve been dragging my feet to get these Pax Prime 2015 interviews out. Pax Prime was amazing as usual and we’d love to thank all the folks that took the time to chat with us about their projects. It’s always inspiring to chat with […]

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Pax Prime 2015 Highlight: Randall

A common theme we have noticed over the years amongst indie developers is a drive to go off and do something on their own. When we met with the folks from We the Force Studios during Pax Prime to chat about their upcoming title called Randall, we honestly didn’t know what to expect. Based in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, We […]

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Pax Prime 2015: Tumblestone Developer Interview

Pax Prime never lacks in the game discovery department. Today, we share our brief interview with Ty Taylor the Game Designer working on Tumblestone during Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Pre-Pax Event. Tumblestone is an addictive puzzle game that is unlike any other. At first glance, you might feel like this is a run-of-the-mill competitive puzzle fighting game but as you play […]

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PAX Prime 2015: Armello

  Pax Prime 2015 was full of so many awesome games that I couldn’t get around to try them all! I was invited to check out Armello by League of Geeks, and spoke to LoG director/lead writer Trent Kusters, who went into great detail about how amazing the game can be. Armello is a four-player fantasy digital board game […]

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Pax Prime 2015: A New D&D Experience in Sword Coast Legends

Interested in Dungeons & Dragons but lack the table space or committed group of friends to meet at one place at one time? If you have an Xbox One, PS4, or a capable PC, then Sword Coast Legends may just be the solution for you. We got to try it out for ourselves at Pax […]

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PAX Prime 2015: Cooler Master Shows Off MasterCase 5 & Pro 5

Time to bring out your inner builder! Cooler Master has been shelling out products to empower PC gamers and PC modding enthusiasts for quite a long time. They pumped out plenty of gamer-specific products with their CM Storm line. Now they are doubling down again on their focus to help both PC modding experts and […]

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Pax Prime 2015: Razer Announces Wildcat Xbox One Tournament Grade Controller

Today at Pax Prime 2015, Razer announced the Razer Wildcat Tournament Grade Controller for Xbox One. Razer’s own unique counter to the Xbox One Elite Controller, the Razer Wildcat, features a bevy of functions and physical tweaks to establish itself as a proper tournament grade controller. Carbon steel necks for the analog sticks and optional […]