PAX South 2015: Homeworld Remastered Collection

imageThere are few titles that stand out when I think back on truly memorable games.  One of those titles is Homeworld and its sequel.  First released way back in 1999, Homeworld featured true 3D navigation (X, Y and Z axis), detailed animations, unique ship types, an emotionally engaging epic story and a kick ass soundtrack.  And guess what folks?  It’s getting a re-release with improved graphics, additional lines of dialog and high resolution support.  This collection will include the original versions of Homeworld, Homeworld 2, and the remastered editions.  Sadly, it will not include Cataclysm due to some issues related to intellectual property ownership.  Even so, PC gamers rejoice!

This is actually not news. Gearbox Software announced the re-release last May and even offered up pre-orders via Amazon.  However, that was before a release date was even conceived.  That changed at Pax South when Gearbox held a panel just for Homeworld.  Now, with the end in sight, all I have to do is wait till later this month.  The Homeworld Remastered Collection can be pre-ordered on Steam for $30 until the price jumps by $5 on release day.

If the mere mention of this game causes a floodgate of nostalgic feelings to break open, you may consider pre-ordering the collector’s edition for $99.  So far it’s being offered up by Amazon and Newegg but both outlets are sold out at the moment.  Interestingly enough, Amazon UK and EU seem to still have free inventory.  At this point, the collector’s edition still does not have a solid released date listed on Amazon’s website but I will trust Gearbox and Amazon to come through for us fanboys and keep the release in line with the digital version.

Check out the trailer here:

If you’re in the market for a quality real-time strategy game, I highly suggest you pick this title up come 2/25.