Pax West 2018: Nexon Showcases MMORPG MapleStory 2, ETA Oct. 2018

MapleStory took up much of my time so many years ago, being a such a surprisingly addicting game that happened to be free-to-play. So it definitely takes me back to see MapleStory 2 having such a lively booth at Pax West 2018. After many years of MapleStory being a strong headliner for Nexon, MapleStory 2 is finally about to hit the states. Advancing past the 2D platformer model that added so much to the game’s visual appeal, MapleStory 2 takes its next steps in a brand-new 3D environment.

Let’s go over some of the highlights that MapleStory 2 has in store for its release on October 10, 2018.

The biggest and most obvious change in MapleStory 2 comes in the form of its 3D block world. It still behaves as an open world platformer, full of randomly-spawning enemies, where you explore and fight throughout various maps. You play as one of eight available classes: Assassin, Berserker, Heavy Gunner, Knight, Priest, Archer, Thief, and Wizard. Like the first MapleStory, each class has their own set of cool-down oriented skills that are suited for that class’ purpose and style.

Outside of gameplay revolving around battling and exploring, MapleStory 2’s heavy focus is in customizability. MapleStory always had its fair share of customizability in terms of appearance and skill point allocation. MapleStory 2 takes it to the next level, allowing you to create and design your very own clothing, gear, and home appearances. MapleStory 2’s Design Lab not only drives all of this customization, but it also aspires to give gamers the ability to create their very own dungeon runs. If roaming a brand-new 3D world is not enough of a playground for you, MapleStory 2 is working to let you create your own in the future.

MapleStory 2 also brings a new PVP style in the form of the Mushking Royale battle mode. Here, players can either dive in alone or in squads of four in environments filled with items, traps and special abilities to use against one another. There will be a preseason event for the Mushking Royale ahead of MapleStory 2’s full release, allowing players to get their feet wet ahead of time. Details for the event and this new mode can be checked out here

At Pax West 2018, show attendees got the chance to try out MapleStory 2’s combat gameplay, minigames, and new customization options. The character customization appears more detailed than ever before, allowing you to move hair and facial features all around your character’s head. You can even take garment types out of the game and into your preferred image editor to create your very own garment designs. Outside of that, gameplay pace felt true and close to the original, despite the game’s new 3D overhaul. The camera stays at one angle throughout the majority of gameplay while giving you zoom options. Camera rotation options are available when you are browsing around and designing your very own home.

Show attendees that played various MapleStory 2 modes, MapleStory M, or other tasks to be performed at the booth, were rewarded with MapleStory swag and merch to take home. It definitely was a Pax booth experience that was well-suited to hype up the soon-to-be-released title. MapleStory 2 will be free-to-play and released on October 10, 2018 in the North American, South American, Europe, and Oceania regions. If you’re in Seattle for Pax West 2018, definitely stop by the MapleStory booth on the 4th floor and check it out! Otherwise, you can track the game’s events and progress on Nexon’s site here


† Non-watermarked game screenshots provided by Nexon PR.