PAX West 2021: OtterBox Xbox, Mobile, and Cloud Gaming Accessories

If you have heard of OtterBox over the years, the first items that come to mind are probably mobile device cases and protection. However, at Pax West 2021, OtterBox went a bit further with their line-up than just strictly mobile. Whether you are a mobile gamer, an Xbox gamer, or even a cloud gaming enthusiast via Xbox Game Pass, OtterBox had something at their booth for you. Perhaps, you can even go as far as to say they had everything you would want for your Xbox gaming on the go.

Here, we’ll focus mainly on the Xbox and Xbox Cloud Gaming products shown at the show.

OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries – $59.95

Starting off with their most recent Xbox peripheral release, the Power Swap Controller Batteries allow you to continue your wireless gaming without break. This set features a pair of batteries that recharge when docked into a USB-C powered docking station. The batteries are then inserted into the proprietary OtterBox battery chassis. This chassis stays installed in your compatible Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S controller’s battery slot. This chassis is unique in that it holds a 30 second charge, which allows you to swap out depleted OtterBox batteries without your controller losing power.

When your battery is low, a bright red LED illuminates your hands to grab your attention. This battery system is even designed to allow you to swap batteries with a single hand. Sure, charge-and-play is nice. However, unbreaking wireless play is even better. The Power Swap Controller Batteries set goes for $59.95 and can be seen by clicking here.

OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shell – $39.95

OtterBox’s Easy Grip Controller Shell comes in three color options and is offered in variants for both Xbox One and the newer Xbox Series X|S controllers. The sweat-reducing grip pads are swappable, allowing for a little personalization. OtterBox’s signature protection seen in their mobile device cases come into play here, with material that resists abrasions and discoloration. However, that protection does not get in the way, as the shell still allows for seamless access to controller batteries, buttons and triggers.

There is no one splash page for all of the OtterBox Easy Grip Controller Shells. However, you can find all of OtterBox’s current controller shell options by clicking here.

OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip – $29.95

More than just another phone to gaming controller grip, OtterBox’s Mobile Gaming Clip doubles as both a controller grip and a tabletop gaming stand. The spring grip that clasps onto your device is detachable, allowing you to stand up your mobile device on the surface of your choice. The clip even plays nice with OtterBox’s Easy Grip Controller Shell, as shown below. The hinges on the OtterBox’s Mobile Gaming Clip allow for multi-angle adjustment, allowing you to arrange your mobile device in the most wrist-friendly of arrangements. The hinges also allow the controller and grip combination to fold flat for easy stow-away in OtterBox’s Gaming Carry Case.

You can check out the OtterBox Mobile Gaming Clip for yourself by clicking here.

Speaking of that carrying case…

OtterBox Gaming Carry Case – $44.95

The Gaming Carry Case is designed to contain an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S controller along will all of the OtterBox peripherals listed above. It features a built-in screen stand, a waterproof exterior, and a cable pass through for charging either your controller or the OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries inside the case.

This carrying case is a practical and straightforward product in its own right. However, it also demonstrates OtterBox’s slick design of an array of Xbox products that match up nicely with one-another. On one hand, gamers can simply go for the product that attacks their immediate needs. While on the other hand, they can choose to combine some or all of these items to fully set themselves up for Xbox gaming, either at home or on the go.

You can check out the OtterBox Gaming Carry Case for yourself by clicking here.

OtterBox Folding Wireless Power Bank – $29.95

While not directly Xbox specific, I simply could not ignore this product once I saw it. This handy portable wireless phone charger features dual coil wireless charging. This allows you to charge your mobile device in both portrait and landscape modes when the stand is up. You can keep the gaming going while your phone either charges wirelessly from the stand or via “fast charging” when connected with a cable. When you are not gaming or media-consuming, the power bank folds flat, allowing you to either charge your device while it is on its back or simply stow the battery away conveniently in a pocket.

You can check out the OtterBox Folding Wireless Power Bank for yourself by clicking here.

Non-show floor product images provided by OtterBox PR.