Pax West 2021: The One About Zombies and Space

Things were a little different this year during Pax West 2021. The floor was a lot more condensed. Even so, I was able to find a couple of gems being published by Skystone Games: Undying and Spacelines From the Far Out. One is a unique twist on the zombie genre while the other is a frantic co-op space adventure. Let’s check them both out!

Survival zombie games are pretty common lately but Undying stands apart from others in the genre.

Let me introduce you to Anling and her young son Cody.

Unfortunately, Anling has been infected by a zombie bite and now has to fight to survive with Cody while attempting to teach him survival skills. Since her days are numbered, Cody will have to learn how to do things on his own. Anling will have to teach Cody how to find shelter, food, and water as well as how to fight against the zombies. Simultaneously, she will have to learn how to use her emerging zombie powers to ward off danger while trying to buy a little more time with Cody.

The player will have to manage Anling as she slowly turns into a zombie while ensuring that Cody gains the necessary zombie survival experience he needs. Definitely not the type of zombie survival game I’ve come across in a while. It is unclear if you would be able to live life as a zombified Anling. However, the sheer fact that you will be playing as a mom who has to teach your young child how to survive among zombies alone hit me in my feelings a little bit. Not sure about anyone else.

Definitely recommend adding this one to your wishlist if you’re looking for some new zombie game content!

The zombie apocalypse came for everyone, even you. As the mother, Anling, your undying wish is to have your son Cody survive and rebuild humanity. This emotional tale from developer Vanimals, balances a players’ quest for resources while fighting the undead, all mixed with the advancement of skills for survival.

Source: Skystone Games Press Release


Genre: Survival, Crafting, Zombie
Platforms: PC, Console, Mobile 

From zombies, let’s switch over to some relaxing space exploration.

Spacelines From the Far Out is a zany co-op space adventure set to a jazzy beat. Players start and manage their own spaceline. Gather up a crew and travel through the galaxy while entertaining passengers, managing ship maintenance, and avoiding rogue asteroids. Spacelines From the Far Out is absolutely crazy fun! If you enjoy playing co-op games like Overcooked or Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, then you might enjoy this one!

Spacelines From the Far Out

Genre: Party Game, Co-Op, Sim
Platforms: PC, Console

Flying your ship around the galaxy is hard enough, but when catering to wild alien passengers, that’s when it gets far out. Join friends online to play together as the crew of this crazy, ever-changing co-op adventure from developer Coffeenauts. With retro-inspired visuals and a peerless soundtrack, Spacelines from the Far Out will have you and your friends laughing and flying through the Milky Way.

Source: Skystone Games Press Release