E3 2013 – Playstation Press Conference Recap



When Sony says that their main priority has and always will be the gamers, they totally meant it. Tonight Sony not only dropped the mic on Microsoft, they did a roundhouse kick on them as well. During a two hour long E3 press conference, it was clear that Sony knew it’s competition and was ready to fight. Not only will the PlayStation 4 (PS4) be backwards compatible but it will be $100 cheaper and won’t require an always on internet connection. Couple that with a few other highlights and it’s clear that the Xbox One has a lot of explaining to do to justify it’s stance on always on internet and the high price point.

So let’s go over the highlights again:

  • Only $399
  • Used games support
  • PS+ Membership will carry over (PS3, PS4, Vita)
  • No Online restriction
  • Cloud service coming in 2014
  • Sony Pictures developing their own content exclusive to the PlayStation Network
  • Addition of Redbox instant by Verizon, a new live events viewer, Gaikai and Flixster

Last of Us



BEYOND: Two Souls

Grand Turismo 6

Batman: Arkham Origins


The Order: 1886



Killzone Shadowfall

InFAMOUS Second Son



The Dark Sorcerer



Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag



Elder Scrolls Online




Kingdom Hearts 3