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Batman Arkham game REVEALED: “Arkham Knight”

According to NEOGAF, the next Batman game in the Arkham Series is titled Arkham Knight and will be out later this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. According to Sources, the main villain in this game will be Scarecrow and he will bring a number of other villains to his side. Arkham Knight is  […]

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Lego The Hobbit Preview: Building middle earth one brick at a time

  Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to play a demo for Lego: The Hobbit. The demo consisted of two levels of the full game, a visit to Bilbo Baggins’s home in the shire, and exploring the Goblin King’s caves. The build I played was not a final version of the game, but from […]

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[CES 2014] Charge Up Your Life with Nyko

  Since 1996 Nyko has provided consumers with innovative and affordable peripherals. Gamers and tech junkies alike have been able to greatly enhance their technological lifestyles with great products to fit each of their individual needs. We have shared our love for Nyko’s Wii U accessories in the past, but what does the future hold […]

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NYCC 2013 – Square-Enix Wrap Up

Square-Enix recently showcased a few of their upcoming titles prior to New York Comic Con this year and I got the chance to have an intimate hands-on experience with both Thief and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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Miscommunication: Gaming Headsets and the PS4

Earlier last week, news regarding the compatibility between gaming headsets and the PlayStation 4 surfaced. Multiple gaming headset companies  have come clean in saying that most of their current products would work with Sony’s new system, but not right at the system’s launch.  While the PlayStation 4 does come with Blu-tooth support, there are currently […]

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New Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailer – D23 Expo

SQUARE ENIX today released the new Kingdom Hearts III gameplay trailer which was shown at the D23 Expo in Japan. The new trailer features exciting new abilities, attacks and enemies from the game. But don’t take our word for it, check out the gameplay trailer below! Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailer from D23 Expo About the Kingdom […]

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BandFuse: Rock Legends Hands on

  BandFuse: Rock Legends is a music video game where legendary rockers transform players into real-world guitarists, bassists and vocalists, unleashing a full band experience for players of all skill levels.  I got the chance to sit down with one of the people who is currently working behind the scenes of what could be one […]

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Evo 2013: Capcom Announces Ultra Street Fighter IV

  Just when you thought you had mastered all there was to Street Fighter IV, Capcom throws a hadouken at you. Evo 2013 has come and gone but Capcom has made sure that even the losers do not walk away empty handed. A upgraded version of the fan favorite competitive fighting game has been announced: Ultra […]

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E3 2013 – Playstation Press Conference Recap

  When Sony says that their main priority has and always will be the gamers, they totally meant it. Tonight Sony not only dropped the mic on Microsoft, they did a roundhouse kick on them as well. During a two hour long E3 press conference, it was clear that Sony knew it’s competition and was […]

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PSA – E3 2013 Press Conference Schedule

It’s that time again, folks! It’s time to set your calendars for the E3 2013 press conferences. I’ll be updating this list if I find out about any additional live streams being scheduled. But for now, please take a look at the list below with links to each conference. Enjoy! Thursday, June 6th, 2013 10 […]

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PSA: DUALSHOCK 4 Close Up and Personal

It has been about two months since Sony has released any detailed information regarding the PlayStation 4. Today they are giving fans a closer look at the DUALSHOCK 4 with a new informative trailer. Some key things to take away from the video is the tracking system Sony has built in correlation to the PlayStation […]

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Tomb Raider: Worthy of Relevance Once Again

Back in October 2012, I had one of the first hands-on experiences with Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix’s reboot of the legendary icon, Lara Croft. I knew back then I had my hands on something special, but once I began to play the finished product, I knew it was going to be legendary.