The Best Portable Wireless Keyboard? Mokibo Folio Fusion Review

Yet another gem we discovered at CES 2022, came in the form of the Mokibo Folio Fusion keyboard. While portable Bluetooth keyboards are a dime a dozen, they often have to make an important design choice. They have to consider how they balance portability and functionality. Sure, you can find yourself some really compact wireless keyboards out there, with the smaller models lacking a trackpad. Likewise, you can also function-filled models that include a trackpad, yet take up more space. However, what if your keyboard was also the touchpad as well? What if you had the Mokibo Folio Fusion keyboard?

Let’s dive into the $99 Mokibo Folio Fusion keyboard to see what is packed into this productivity-filled portable.

Mokibo Folio Fusion Base Specs
Weight0.59lb / 269g
Thickness0.32in / 8.29mm
Key Travel Distance1.5mm
Battery Lifespan2 hours charge / 30 hours of operation
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.1 (low energy), 5m (16ft) range
Supported OS (minimum requirements)Windows 8, Android 4.3, MacOS 9, iPadOS 8, iOS 8, Samsung Dex, Linux, SmartTV
Build and Functionality

You read that right. On the Mokibo Folio Fusion keyboard, the keyboard itself is the touchpad. Not only does the Mokibo Folio Fusion save on space by not having to dedicate an area to the trackpad, but it also sports one the largest Bluetooth trackpads you find today. Throw in multi-point touch and multi-gesture support for practically every current-generation OS out now, and you have yourself a functionality-packed and compact peripheral, for all of your input needs.

The keyboard is ready to go from the moment you take it out of the box. The Mokibo Folio turns on automatically when you open its cover flap. You then pair it with the device of your choice, set the OS if needed, and get to work right away. No software install needed at all. If you are using the Mokibo Folio with a phone or tablet, you may not even not need to get a stand for your mobile device. The cover flap doubles as a very sturdy stand, allowing you to rest your paired device in a comfortable and practical viewing angle.

The Mokibo Folio is compatible with the latest versions of iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Samsung Dex, and MacOS. The keyboard supports multi-pairing, where it can save and hop between three different devices. Hopping connectivity between those devices is as easy as pressing the Fn key and any of three Bluetooth connection keys. There are LEDs above the F8, F9, F10, and F11 keys. While the LED above the F8 key acts as a battery life indicator, the color of the other function keys indicate for which OS those Bluetooth channels are configured.

As mentioned, the main feature of the Mokibo Folio is its ability to double as a touch pad. The number keys down to the last row of letters house sensors to detect touch. Touching these keys without actually pressing them allow you to control your mouse just as you would with a trackpad. Light single finger taps act as a left click, while light two-finger taps initiate a right click. If you prefer to use a dedicated key for your left clicks, you might take notice of the red button in the center of the bottom row of keys. The space bar is actually separated in two by this red button that acts as your dedicated left click key.

The Mokibo Folio supports both left-handed and right-handed touch control areas. You have the ability to control which side of the keyboard is actively waiting for touch inputs. For example, if you have the touch pad set to right-handed mode, light taps initiated from the left side of the keyboard are ignored. The situation is then reversed in left-handed mode. However, Mokibo’s Dynamic Touch Area feature is also in play here, where if you initiate a touch from one side of the keyboard, you can continuously move your finger to the other side of the keyboard. This is especially handy when you are dragging and dropping content from the far side of one screen to the other.

When it comes to multi touch controls, the Mokibo Folio continues to be quite intuitive. Two-finger swipes initiate scrolling both vertically and horizontally, as you would expect,. In Windows, three-finger swipe downs minimize all currently displayed windows while three-finger swipe ups restore those windows. On Android, three-finger swipe downs bring up the home screen while three-finger swipe ups restore the apps you had open. On both operating systems, three-finger horizontal swipes allow you to move between windows or apps, similar to how “Alt+Tab” behaves on windows.

As far as builds go, the Mokibo Folio Fusion keyboard is a solid and feature-packed product. The keyboard is compact and razor thin, making it easy to slip into any bag or even your jacket pocket.

However, the keyboard itself is wide enough to allow for a very comfortable key arrangement. The pantograph keys are perfectly-sized and have that familiar laptop keypress feel. Also, the travel distance and clicky-ness of the keys offer a very satisfying typing experience.


I used this keyboard for two weeks straight in the office and outdoors, all while writing a couple of my latest reviews, including this one. I can say this with confidence, even if the headlining trackpad feature was not included with this product. I still would have been very impressed by the kind of typing experience and portability that the Mokibo Folio Fusion keyboard provides.

Now for the Mokibo Folio most significant feature, its touchpad surface.

The responsiveness and accuracy of the Mokibo Folio touchpad areas are very solid. Windows and Android are the only platforms I work on. On each OS, it took little to no time at all to get used to the various touch controls. The keys themselves have a good amount of resistance to them, so I never once found myself accidentally pressing a key when I meant only to use the keys’ surface as the touchpad. Single-taps, double-taps, and even multi-finger taps actuate quite well, allowing for clean and effective navigation throughout each OS.

When writing off of my Samsung Galaxy S22, having a mouse cursor and right-click capabilities became particularly handy. I have written many articles on-the-go, straight off of my mobile device, using the Logitech Keys-To-Go keyboard that I reviewed years ago.

While that keyboard was good for what it provided, typing on-the-go, proofreading my completed articles was still a little involved. I would either have to hold my finger on the screen where Microsoft Word would highlight a typo, or I would use the arrow keys to navigate between letters on words that needed tweaking. Trying to put a cursor between letters using your finger on a phone’s screen was less than idea. Using the arrow keys was more precise, but took longer than I would have liked.

With the Mokibo Folio, precise mouse cursor movement for making corrections became as easy as it is when working off of a Windows laptop. Having a touchpad on a portable keyboard that does not take up additional room was something I did not realize I wanted until now. This keyboard and touchpad fusion is not only effective but sorely appreciated. The concept alone is a homerun and the execution here is quite respectable.

However, I did find one hiccup with this fusion of a keyboard and touchpad. Apparently, I have a habit of gently resting my fingers on the keys whenever I am thinking of what to type next. Occasionally, these gentle touches would trigger the touch sensor on the keys of the Mokibo Folio Fusion keyboard. This would cause the mouse cursor to move unexpectedly, sometimes having me type in locations I did not originally mean to.

Luckily, this was something I was able to remedy with some minor muscle memory training. Whenever I was mid-thought, I just reminded myself to raise my fingers slightly higher than normal, avoiding the accidental swipes. Over time, I was able to iron out this habit, leaving me with an otherwise error free typing and editing experience.

Final Thoughts

Summing it all up, the Mokibo Folio Fusion keyboard is simply the best mobile peripheral I have used for on-the-go editing and navigation on my mobile device. There are plenty of occasions where I find myself going outside with some time to write and no desire to bring a laptop with me. Here is where the Mokibo Folio Fusion keyboard fits in perfectly. Throw in a very comfortable yet compact design, a solid 30-hour battery life, and a very reasonable $99 price point, and you have yourself the perfect portable productivity companion.

If you are in the market for a portable keyboard and trackpad solution for use on any of your mobile devices, then this is the first product you should check out. You can check out the Mokibo Folio Fusion (Universal) keyboard by clicking here.

† As usual, there are no affiliate links contained within this post. We were provided a Mokibo Folio Fusion keyboard for review purposes and were not compensated for this review.