Project Pre-owned: Tekken 6 Revisited

Tekken 6

Ask anyone what their favorite fighting games is and most likely you’d get one of the following responses: Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, or Tekken. All personal favorites of mine but when Tekken 6 was released for the XBox, I was definitely all over it. More excited for Tekken than Street Fighter actually since it caters to my button mashing ability, just being honest. However, it’s been an awful long time since the last time I played Tekken 6. So long in fact, that I actually forgot how much fun this installment in the Tekken franchise is!

Tekken 6 has a lot of the basic fundamentals any Tekken fan has grown to love but added a neat little add-on with it’s campaign mode. While most people, like myself, played through each character in original arcade modes we were all after one thing: We wanted to learn more about their personal story. In Tekken 6, a player can play through the campaign mode and delve deeper into their favorite character’s personal story. However, they added a small hint of RPG elements with their ‘Collection Mode’. While playing in ‘Collection Mode’, you can unlock new clothing items that you can later equip onto your character to enhance certain characteristics. This is key when playing through the harder difficulties or against special bosses that might have a special power like an elemental attack.

But the fun doesn’t end there.

Additionally, you can double your fun with some online co-op campaign play! While it’s limited to only 10 stages, it’s still a novel idea. Being able to have the ability to play a fighting game cooperatively online is something I welcome and would not mind seeing more of. I’m not always up for getting my ass handed to me while actually playing a player match. And I often steer clear of any online mode in a fighting game in general for the sheer fact that I’m a button masher. I have no real idea of what I’m doing and hopping online would just end in tears. Moreover, returning to my earlier point, it would have been a bigger bonus if we would be able to play the regular campaign in co-op. However, I do appreciate the effort in at least giving us 10 stages to play through. It shows that they are trying to be somewhat innovative and that in it’s self I appreciate.

So, Tekken 6’s second play-through was just as gratifying as the first. Surely, got to remember to keep this game around whenever I get bored again.

Do you have a game to recommend for Project Pre-owned? Feel free to leave a comment below and I might consider adding it to my queue.

You’d be surprised what I still have to play through. Chances are that your recommendation might be a game I haven’t played yet.

Next up in the series: Alan Wake.