#QirinCon 2014 in Photos

Qirin Con Logo

Qirin Con is finally upon us! Qirin Con is a Japanese culture, anime, and gaming convention run entirely by Pace University students and alumni at our New York City campus on Saturday, October 18, 2014. This free, one-day convention will feature interactive and discussion-based workshops on the art, craft, and enjoyment of anime and gaming culture, plus guest speakers on how to develop professional skills for anime- and gaming-related careers. Qirin Con will also include a gaming tournament, a cosplay contest, a small marketplace, an afterparty, and special entertainment provided by the Triforce Quartet.

If you’re at Qirin Con, be sure to share the excitement of the convention through social media! Simply tag your posts with the hashtag #QirinCon and you’ll be able to share your posts with the entire community!

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