Raconteurs/Black Lips

Terminal Five, NYC
June 1st, 2008

For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of visiting NYC’s newest music venue, you’re in for quite a treat! Terminal 5 is located 2-3 blocks from East Bumblefuck, but the walk is worth it. A giant stage and three balconies, guarantees a good view no matter how small and puny you are.

The show kicked off with Atlanta, GA’s The Black Lips. These guys look like they tripped and fell into a thrift store, guitars inlcuded. I keed. The Black Lips are Flush faves and had the notoriously tough NYC crowds bobbing their heads to songs off the band’s latest release, Good, Bad, Not Evil.

After a short set, the band made way for the headliners The Raconteurs. Right off the bat, Jack White & Co. launched into five straight songs off their new record Consolers of the Lonely.

Lead singer Brendan Benson has got some truly awesome Daltrey/Page hair going and his voice is in fine form tonight. But when Jack White approached the mic to sing the first chorus, the crowd really came alive. No doubt who the star is here. I guess there was a mandate in Raconteurs HQ to get silly haircuts, as Jack White is sporting a lady-do. The new tunes jibe perfectly with the hits off the last record and some even whipped the crowd into a mosh pit, odd for a band doing’70s-era album-oriented rock.

With the Greenhornes’ rhythm section keeping the beat and adding pristine backup vocals, the band had a real Beatles/Faces/Badfinger vibe that never got dull. Jack’s paint-peeling solos got a lot of cheers, as he traded in his Airline for a nice hollowbody Gretsch.

All in all a great concert for a great band that seems to only be getting better and better.