Pax Prime 2015: Razer Announces Wildcat Xbox One Tournament Grade Controller


Today at Pax Prime 2015, Razer announced the Razer Wildcat Tournament Grade Controller for Xbox One. Razer’s own unique counter to the Xbox One Elite Controller, the Razer Wildcat, features a bevy of functions and physical tweaks to establish itself as a proper tournament grade controller. Carbon steel necks for the analog sticks and optional additional aluminum triggers are just the start. The Razer Wildcat will come with a carrying case, optional rubberized palm grips, optional analog rubber stick caps and a removable 10 foot braided fiber micro USB cable. Of course, it does not stop there.

Those additional aluminum triggers protrude in a fashion that allows you it meet them with your middle fingers. It’s a different take on the Xbox Elite Controller’s paddles that call for more of a squeezing type of actuation. Like the paddles, the additional aluminum triggers can be mapped to any of the controller’s natural functions. Should you not like them, they can simply be removed and gap covers in the controller will come into play to flatten out the back so that no holes are exposed.


These triggers are programmed using the integrated quick control panel which houses buttons for: button remapping, mapping profile switching, mic muting, game/chat balancing. The audio controls finagle the audio of any headset connected to the bottom of the controller using a 3.5 mm connector. No need for a stereo adapter here.


As for the Wildcat’s standard top-side triggers, their actuation can be altered with the use of trigger stops that reside along the top rear of the controller. Actuation can be reduced by 72%, allowing for even faster trigger presses. The Wildcat comes in at 260 grams making it lighter than both the standard and Elite Xbox One controllers. Ready to meet the Xbox One Elite Controller head on, the Razer Wildcat Tournament Grade Controller for Xbox One will also go for $149 and will be available in October 2015. Check it out for yourself here!