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HTC One M9 Review


DISPLAY Full HD 1080p
SOUND HTC Boomsound™ with Dolby Audio™
MAIN CAMERA 20MP with sapphire cover lens
  2.2, 27.8mm lens, 4K video recording
  2.0, 26.8mm lens, 1080p video recording
LIGHT SENSOR BSI sensors for each above camera

A big change is in the form of the new rear 20 megapixel camera. They abandoned the HTC UltraPixel™ approach here for the main camera but at least left the BSI sensor to help handle the low-light scenarios. The HTC UltraPixels™ remain but now only in the front-facing camera. That makes sense as selfies or video chat suffer more from low-light situations than they do for overall picture clarity. That and the phone is only so far from you face. This is definitely a logical and direct approach to the cameras.

HTC_One_M9_11_marked               HTC_One_M9_06_marked

The 20MP camera takes pictures as beautiful as a 20MP camera can take. I’ll show a sample here but it may get degraded somewhat as we have logical file size restrictions for uploads on the site…


Any flagship phone today is probably going to have a beautiful crisp display. The HTC One M9 is no exception, sporting a full HD 1080p output. Makes sense since they put in that 20 MP camera capable of recording 4K resolution video. Colors are vibrant and display is gorgeous with the M9, whether you watching something you recorded or something you downloaded. Videos play without stutter which is reinforced by that octa-core processor. And if it does that well with video, you can rest assured image viewing is both a breeze and a delight.

The new HTC Boomsound, backed by 5.1 channel Dolby® Surround sound simulation, makes listening directly from the dual front-facing speakers a particularly enjoyable experience. That experience is even better when listening with headphones or ear-buds. HTC Boomsound, has 5 settings (including off) for you to finagle through.


Now, it will be preset to “HTC Earbuds” in order to work with the headset that comes with the M9. In all honesty, just finagle between these settings while a song is playing and chances are that you’ll find the optimal preferred listening setting for whatever headset you’re using. I will say that HTC Boomsound definitely enhanced the sound presentation and I found myself preferring to leave it on rather than off. Sound with HTC Boomsound is very deep and vibrant. Dolby Audio™ only helped in (effectively) producing that surround sound experience.

As far as being a portable multimedia device goes, the HTC One M9 excels in this department as it has with previous HTC One‘s. Not knocking the display at all, I felt improvements were more pronounced in the sound department than in the visuals here.

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