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HTC‘s staple Android skin has become a bit more flexible now, refreshingly so in fact. Previous iterations of HTC Sense 7 allowed you to change and download themes for your phone. These themes effected the colors of some of the main functional phone screens such as Messages, Email, Phone, Contacts and later on with Blinkfeed. You were usually provided a slew of preset themes for you to choose from and pretty much had to just stick with just the colors in those themes.

Here with HTC Sense 7, your themes are now much more customizable. You can now finally determine the colors, background, and even icon outlooks for your HTC Sense experience. You can simply take a picture of a scene or object that has colors that you want and then apply those colors to a theme of your own make. HTC Sense 7 will automatically detect and grab colors from the image you choose and apply them to the screens and even the icons of your apps. Furthermore, you can even choose from sets of icons to use for the main phone functions.

I did actually appreciate this considering that some of the more hardcore Android enthusiasts root their phones to remove manufacturer OS skins. This is usually done to regain some skin-allocated processing resources, but moreso to “unlock” the phone for more customizability. Now with an octa-core CPU and 3 GB’s of RAM, I’m not sure how much more resources you think you need, but at the very least, the HTC Sense 7 skin came across much more welcomed than before. To get the ideal Sense look, some finagling needs to be done, but not a whole much.

As you can see here, since I love dark blue, I took a picture of “dark blue” and used that to apply to my overall theme. I then doubled-back and replaced the individual wallpapers for the home screen, lock screen, messages, and etc.

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