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HTC One M9 Review

Photo Editor


With the HTC One M9, you get a photo editor suite of sorts. In terms of software add-ons, it makes sense have something like this here. If you’re going to tout a powerful camera and beautiful display, why not have a little playground that makes use of the two?

The Photo Editor gives you a set of useful and commonplace tools that will let you touch up your images before you throw them up on the web. Have two images and want to fiddle around with overlay? Here’s a sample!

Don’t ask me why Protoman is ominously looming over the many blue Castle Crasher knights.

I’m more of a hardware over software kind of guy when it comes to cellphones, since nowadays there’s an app for everything. But what HTC loaded here is, at the very least, applicable to the M9’s strengths and aesthetics. So much so, you can say it adds to the package.

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