Review: GameSir T4 Mini Controller (Switch, Android, iOS, PC)

It has been quite a while since we have reviewed a Nintendo Switch controller. Luckily, GameSir has recently given us the chance to tackle one now. The GameSir T4 Mini is the latest iteration of their GameSir T4 mobile gaming controller, sporting a smaller form factor without sacrificing ergonomics. With its now more portable design, the GameSir T4 Mini supports use on the Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, and PC. It even offers its own brand of stylish color options, coming in both black and white models, each with customizable LED behaviors.

Let’s dive deeper into the $35.99 GameSir T4 Mini, GameSir’s latest multi-platform controller, to see what makes it special.

Build and Comfort

The GameSir T4 Mini sports a button layout matching that of a traditional Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. You have the four front facing action buttons, dual analog sticks, a D-Pad, a pair of bumpers, a pair of triggers, a capture button, a HOME button, and the + and – buttons. Additional to the GameSir T4 Mini is a Turbo button that allows you to toggle and control the turbo-fire functionality of the various buttons. On the top you have a USB-C charging port that also allows you to use the controller on a PC via a USB-C cable. Finally, it connects to your Nintendo Switch, Android, or iOS device via Bluetooth 5.0.

Going deeper into the GameSir T4 Mini, the controller itself is a portable 5.63 by 3.27 by 2.09 inches (143 x 83 x 53mm) and weighs only 0.34 lbs (156g). It features a 6-axis gyro sensor, asymmetric dual motors, and a 10-hour playtime with a 3-hour charge time to get the unit to a full charge. As mentioned before, the GameSir T4 Mini also houses a set of interesting lighting options, which you can control easily from the controller itself by holding the Turbo button and pressing down on the Left Thumbstick. You can also cycle between lighting modes such as breathing (with multi-color cycling), rainbow breathing, or just simply “off”.

The smaller form factor of the GameSir T4 Mini means that you do not have the sort of extending controller handles that you see in the bulk of gaming controllers of today. Despite that, the GameSir T4 Mini is still quite comfortable to handle and manage. Even with its size-conscious shape, all of the controls are very easy to access and the controller itself maintains a solid and natural gameplay feel. The front-facing action buttons are snappy and enjoyable to press. Analog sticks are sturdy and accurate, making the controller a solid option for both shooters and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Most notable for me, the D-Pad is solid and accessible, making it a nice solution for 2D platformers and fighters.

Going beyond build and comfort, the GameSir T4 Mini is actually a joy to look at as well. If you are in a large party setting, you are sure to stand out with this controller, thanks to its snazzy lighting options. Whether you opt for breathing or static color projections, the LED’s shine brightly with color options that are distinct from one another. Being able to flip through this many color options on the fly allows you to add some personality to the GameSir T4 Mini. This was a feature I did not know I wanted in a wireless gaming controller until now.

The asymmetric dual motors in the controller have quite a kick to them, in a good way. The rumbling of the GameSir T4 Mini’s is satisfyingly strong. You are treated to very immersive feedback from the controller, but not so much that it disrupts gameplay in any way. However, the rumbling itself is noticeably loud in quieter settings. So, if you plan to play in an environment where you do not want to be a disturbance, you might want to consider disabling rumbling in your games while using this controller.


Starting off with Nintendo Switch gameplay, the first game I threw the GameSir T4 Mini at was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Fatal Fury and KOF’s Terry is my main character in this game. As Terry allows for traditional special move inputs, I really got to test out the feel and accuracy of the GameSir T4 Mini’s thumbsticks here. Quarter-circle-forward and Dragon Punch gestures executed perfectly with the left analog stick. More impressively, Terry two desperation moves, Power Geyser and Buster Wolf, were also easy to execute without any trouble whatsoever. Power Geyser activates with quarter-circle-back then half-circle-forward+attack while Buster Wolf activates with Quarter-circle-forward then Quarter-circle-forward+attack.

Growing up playing fighters with a D-pad, all of the Smash Bros. games weirded me out at first with its analog-only inputs for movement. Nevertheless, the  GameSir T4 Mini handled Super Smash Bros. Ultimate like a dream.

To get a more traditional fighting game feel with the GameSir T4 Mini’s D-Pad, I loaded up the Nintendo Switch ports of SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium and Fatal Fury First Contact. In each game, I was able to enjoy a closer to home fighting game experience with clean special move inputs.

Taking advantage of the controller’s Android OS support, I was sure to try the GameSir T4 Mini on both Street Fighter IV Championship Edition and The King of Fighters ’98. The GameSir T4 Mini simply further solidified itself as a solid fighting pad in each game.

When it came to first person shooters, I decided to give Destiny 2 a go with the GameSir T4 Mini. I booted up the game via the Xbox app on PC and connected the controller to my PC via a USB-C to USB-A cable. Since I have developed some significant muscle memory for Destiny and Destiny 2 over the years using an Xbox controller, some tweaks were necessary. The Nintendo Switch front button layout is flipped when compared to that of an Xbox controller. So, in order to seamlessly enjoy Destiny 2 with the GameSir T4 Mini, I had to swap the functions of X and Y, as well as A and B, in Destiny 2’s options screen. After that, I was off to the races…

Admittedly, using a smaller controller without traditional controller handles took some getting use to in the first-person shooter. However, after about two or three games, I was able to hold my own as I usually do, despite playing in sweaty PC lobby Crucible matches. In the end, the controller was quite serviceable when it came to shooters.

Final Thoughts

For $35.99, the GameSir T4 Mini is more than just a bargain for its price point, it is a very solid controller in its own right. You get a portable wireless controller with a solid build that works on four gaming platforms. Adding to its usability, the controller even works with the recently-RFMAG-reviewed Fixture S1 Stand and Grip. Powerful rumble motors and a nice assortment of LED lighting options add to the immersion and overall style that the controller provides. Most importantly, the controller handles both comfortably and effectively in all gaming genres.

The GameSir T4 Mini is a controller that gives you a quality gaming experience with a set of features that you usually do not see in a controller at this price range. If you are looking for a pocket-sized controller that is still easy to handle and delivers an enjoyable gaming experience, do check out the GameSir T4 Mini for yourself by clicking here.

† As usual, there are no affiliate links contained within this post. We were provided a GameSir T4 Mini for review purposes and were not compensated for this review.