Royal Flush Sponsors MSI Tour

Royal Flush & Hot Topic Team up to sponsor Mindless Self Indulgence’s North American Tour!

America’s best magazine joins forces with the coolest store in the mall to present the best band around!

Be sure to visit the merch booth on the MSI tour and you’ll be able to purchase your very own copy of Royal Flush Magazine with MSI on the cover!

If you can’t make it out then head over to Hot Topic and be sure to pick up a copy of Royal Flush there with the brand new MSI album.

I don’t need to tell you that this is their best record to date! Songs like Bomb This Track, Mark David Chapman, and Never Wanted to Dance are equally as dancey, poppy and offensive as the rest of their day-glo catalog.

Since the release of their first ever DVD, Our Pain, Your Gain, and the worldwide release of You’ll Rebel To Anything Expanded & Remastered, MSI has been touring Europe with My Chemical Romance. Their North America tour this summer with The Birthday Massacre (and on various select dates, Combichrist, London After Midnight, Hollowboy, Tub Ring, and Real Shark Fake Zombie)…for news, info, tickets, and more, be sure to check out the MSI MySpace!