Samsung Galaxy S8 Review

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review


Samsung always took pride in their flagship phone cameras. So if you love what you saw with the Samsung Galaxy S7’s camera, then you’re not going to be disappointed with the Samsung Galaxy S8’s. Samsung set the bar with the S7 and seemingly nudged it ever so slightly with the S8. That is to say, the S8’s camera flat out shines and excels. The Samsung Galaxy S8’s camera handles all lighting scenarios and does so sharply and quickly.

Starting off with sunny day shots of Times Square in New York City, you can see sharp images and vivid colors. Even with people and cars in motion, you still have an image that’s so sharp, the everyone might as well be standing still. Standing on 40th Street and aiming towards 41st, the camera can even capture the 41st Street sign well with just digital zoom.

And of course that shot looks just as great on the Samsung Galaxy S8 itself, as you’re able to zoom in  post-image, and clearly see that 41st Street sign from a block away.

Shifting over to a later mid-evening setting, here you have some shots of a somewhat cloudy day at Citifield. Even in this mid-day gloomy setting, you still see plenty of color and detail.

Coming up, you have some night shots again at Citifield. The sharpness and color are still there. I was not only impressed by the quality of the digitally-zoomed shots but also at the capture speed of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s camera. First, take a look at these zoomed shots, starting from no zoom and working its way in.

Then take a look at these zoomed shots  below where the Samsung Galaxy S8 was able to capture the ball mid-flight in pitches. These pitches flew anywhere between 85 and 95 mph, and a digitally zoomed-in camera captured the ball in the air and without blur.

Going into an even darker scenario, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was able to capture beautiful shots of Fireworks Night at Citifield with most of the stadium’s lights turned off.

Video capture was just as impressive, capturing both video and sound clearly in both well-lit and dark settings.


If you’re looking to get a mobile device just for its camera alone, the Samsung Galaxy S8’s is up there with the best, if it’s not already the best of 2017. Nothing but beautiful, clear shots await you with OIS (optical image stabilization) ready to help even jittery camera-holders take nice still shots. Samsung produced an excellent mobile camera in the Samsung Galaxy S8, which just so happens to be a phone.

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