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Insurgency: Old Dog, New Tricks

There are tons of First Person Shooters out there. From Battlefield to Call of Duty to Halo, you have different styles all in the same genre of game. Insurgency is another first person shooter but it has a style all its own. Insurgency, a source mod now turned full standalone game, brings gameplay that will feel familiar to what you know but […]


Black Friday Tech Sales Headquarters – 2014

You allowed Royal Flush Magazine to be your choice for Black Friday updates last year. Join us again for another riveting year by allowing us to be your one stop shop for all your holiday buying needs. We are prepared to point out the good deals at your favorite retailers to help make your shopping […]

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Miscommunication: Gaming Headsets and the PS4

Earlier last week, news regarding the compatibility between gaming headsets and the PlayStation 4 surfaced. Multiple gaming headset companies  have come clean in saying that most of their current products would work with Sony’s new system, but not right at the system’s launch.  While the PlayStation 4 does come with Blu-tooth support, there are currently […]

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PSA: Ultimate Game Sale on XBox Live

Major Nelson has announced that Microsoft will be having an Ultimate Game Sale for Games on Demand. The sale will run between February 26th to March 4th and will feature a wide variety of digital copies ranging from as much as 85% off. Each day a new selection of titles will see a price cut. […]


This Week in Gaming (Week Ending on Feb 8th, 2013)

This week’s links aren’t in any particular order. They are just some interesting links that I wanted to share that highlight some recurring themes in gaming culture like violence, acquisitions, studio closures and innovation. As stand alone tweets or Facebook statuses they might have been overlooked but grouped together I think they sum up the […]


Black Friday Tech Sales Headquarters – 2013

Black Friday has notoriously been known as the busiest shopping day. Now with a lot of retailers opening as early as midnight or even Thanksgiving Day…There is no time to sit through newspaper and online ads looking for deals. So let Royal Flush be your Black Friday tech sale headquarters. Let us do all the […]

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Achievement Unlocked: “Halo 4” Review

It’s never easy to see something you love and grown accustomed to change hands. Among developers there’s always that uneasy feeling. It’s hard to describe but I often feel it myself at work sometimes. Spending months on some code to hand over to another team that you hope will continue on with the same quality […]

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Wii have what U need to know

Earlier this morning, Nintendo held a press conference in New York to finally release long awaited launch information on their newest home console: the Wii U. The Wii U will be on par to the PlayStation 3 and XB0x360 spec wise, making it the first Nintendo console to support full high definition. In additional to […]

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Rock Band Blitz Review

It seems like only yesterday Rock Band changed the way we viewed music games. No longer were they a solo exercise of challenge and an ever continuing struggle for the next higher score. The music game became something social, to be enjoyed with friends at a party. Today, music rhythm games have lost their relevance, […]

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In case you missed ’em, last week’s gaming news today (Week ending on 5/25/12)

Another week has come and gone and only the gaming news remains. Continue reading to see all that happened last week…   

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Modest Law’s PAX East’er Weekend Round Up!

 So PAX East’er weekend as come and gone and while you were out macking on chocolate eggs and jelly beans, I was out being awesome! (And by awesome, I mean nearly crippling myself with the amount of walking and driving I did this week) Through the rest of the week I‘ll go into greater detail […]

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Assassin’s Creed III Concept Art & Screenshots

Assassin’s Creed III was announced early this month and I’m not going to lie: I need a lot of convincing. I love that the Assassin’s Creed franchise was set in a period that wasn’t covered in a Call of Duty title. But with the understanding that with each numbered title, we are actually playing through […]