‘Sherlock’ Delayed to 2014

Rumors have begun spreading that the 90-minute modernization of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock, may potentially be delayed until 2014. Steven Moffat originally hinted that the series would return early in 2013 after the second series came to its dramatic cliff-hanging (see what I did there?) conclusion in the UK back in January. Sadly, little information has surfaced since Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Andrew Scott’s teasers during the BAFTAs . Now with 2012 coming to an end and still no teaser trailers for the third series…We can only expect a delay, but not to worry Sherlockians; it has nothing to do budget cuts or cancellation scares.

It seems that there are nothing more than conflicts between the main casts’ current acting schedules. Martian Freeman has been tied up with filming of The Hobbit in New Zealand. Meanwhile lead actor, Benedict Cumberbatch (who is also my international husband but doesn’t know it yet) has been busy with the production of Star Trek 2.

BBC admits that production of Sherlock is behindĀ  but ensures fans that the series will premier before the end of 2013; the production team is expecting to pick up things early next year. For America, however, PBS is being a little less enthusiastic over the show’s return and is estimating an early 2014 release.

So until more information is released, I leave you with these three little words:

Rat. Wedding. Bow.