Introducing the SOHO Holiday Collective Boutique

SOHO is one of the most recognizable areas in New York City. It is the birthplace of punk. It’s where Royal Flush was birthed. So, it’s understandable how this will be the home of the latest Pop-up Boutique: the SOHO Holiday Collective Pop-Up Boutique. The SOHO Holiday Collective Pop-Up Boutique may be small but each and every crevice is filled with hidden gems. Walls are adorned with images of legendary icons like Jimi Hendrix, Betty Page, and The Beatles, just to name a few. Brimming with luxurious apparel and jewelry, the SOHO Holiday Collective Pop-Up Boutique might be the destination for you if you’re looking for one-of-a-kind gifts.

However, let’s not forget that the SOHO Holiday Collective Pop-Up Boutique is a wonderful art installation as well. Featuring the artwork of Rock Paper Photo, you will find it hard to restrain yourself from attempting to snap photos of the distinctive pieces that furnish the walls of the SOHO Holiday Collective Pop-Up Boutique. Overall, it felt like being transported back in time. With each photo it was like viewing a candid moment with renowned idols.

Apart from the awesome photography of Rock Paper Photo, I fell in love with the exquisite pieces from Lulu’s Estate Jewelry. I was lucky enough to chat with one of ladies behind Lulu’s Estate Jewelry and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they specialize in unique jewelry. They are adamant about perfection. There is a beautiful symmetry about their pieces that I haven’t seen before. But who am I kidding, All of their pieces were gorgeous! The selected Lulu’s Estate Jewelry pieces within the SOHO Holiday Collective Pop-Up Boutique featured a couple of animals like turtles and snakes along side some classic pendants and rings.

[Lulu’s Estate Jewelry’s] exclusive collection includes the timeless beauty of estate jewelry in unison with the most sophisticated pieces that are in vogue at the moment. Worn together or alone, these pieces will always make a statement. Vintage ambiance harmonizes with state-of-the-art beauty. f you are looking for something unique, something of meticulous workmanship and beauty, estate jewelry is unsurpassed. Our diversified collection ranges from heritage pieces dating back to 1920s art deco, to contemporary “must haves” from the prestigious houses of Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari and Rolex. Our inventory is ever changing and updated regularly.

†Source: Lulu’s Estate Jewelry

If you are in SOHO and are looking for a bit of inspiration while you shop for holiday gifts this season, then the SOHO Holiday Collective Pop-Up Boutique will be worth a peek. Whether it’s for the clothes, jewelry or art, this pop-up is quant enough to spark creativity in anyone.