Somone Has A Gas Problem…

First off, if you haven’t seen the new Diddy video, you need to check it. I’m a nice guy, I brought a spare copy of the video with me for emergencies.

As you just witnessed, Diddy is complaining that he is no longer able to fly his private jet anymore because of the high gas prices. Welcome to reality sir!

We must be selfish bastards, thinking we had it bad. We should of been thinking about Diddy and how he’s coping with the gas situation. Flying commercial must be rough, I mean… this is up there with having to put your own Chapstick on. First class, that’s rough.

My favorite part is when he begs to his Saudi Arabia brothers and sister, pleading for them to send some gas over his way. I’m sure that’ll work. That’s the way to use the ol’ noggin.

Diddy, if you’d like to sit down sometime and just talk out your feelings with me I am completely game. You can e-mail me at GoodOlNubi@Gmail.Com and we’ll meet up for Starbucks or something. Sure, I’ll pay for it. Won’t be a problem Diddy, I’m only here to help. I hope all works out for you. As a matter of fact, all of Royal Flush hopes the best for you.  Be strong Diddy, be strong!