Splatoon Inks its Way to Wii U!


Last year, when you heard third-person shooter, you wouldn’t think Nintendo would spark up in your mind. Fortunately they have unveiled that they will be making a brand spanking new major IP coming out this May available only on Wii U. Splatoon: tactical squid based combat where you have to ink your way to victory by traversing the world as a human/squid hybrid, The Inkling. As a human you are able to use your weapons loadout to cover the whole place with ink or splat down your foes. As a squid you can swiftly travel through ink to cover more ground or cleverly sneak past unsuspecting enemies. This game is taking the world of paintball and arena battles to the next level and makes for an interesting game concept. Splatoon is chock-full of features, such as a robust single-player story mode and a 4v4 online mode.

The single player mode is where you hone your skills and face an invading army, the Octarians. Many levels will help you master the new mechanics of the game and get you ready for seamless head-to-head action while enjoying the campaign. The customization options for YOUR Inkling also adds to the fun factor as you can add a little bit of personal flavor, from what your Inking wears to its weapon loadout, to tackle on your friends and foes.


In the multiplayer online mode, Turf War, your goal is to ink the whole arena in your team’s color. The game will also feature Ranked Play for the more competitive folk that will include global leaderboards. You can level up your Inkling to unlock many rewards such as clothing and weapons. Clothes are not only for cosmetic purposes but also add to different play-styles such as faster reload times for your weapons or more mobility. Players also have a super gauge where you can unleash devastating weapons to turn the tide in your favor. You will be able to do battle in many maps such as Blackbelly Skatepark, Saltspray Rig, and Walleye Warehouse.


This is an exciting time for Nintendo to add to their showcase of strong IPs and memorable games. The hype for Splatoon is optimistically present and I hope that it will be here to stay. Looking forward to what it will bring to the table and to gaming as a whole.

For more information on Splatoon you can check out: http://splatoon.nintendo.com/