Summer Lovin’: Favorite Mobile Games of the Moment

While the weather outside is quite delightful, the gamer inside of me always has to have a game on hand. While I used to carry around my PSP and DS, I kept getting frustrated with games that didn’t allow me to save whenever I wanted to. Being constrained to save at certain points are counter intuitive for portable gaming. So, I stopped bringing them around with me and started downloading free games from the Android Marketplace to give my phone some much needed love.

Ever since beating all of the Angry Birds levels a few months ago, I thought that I had hung up any expectations of getting addicted to another mobile game. But I was shocked to find myself being sucked away from my console and playing mobile games on my Android device once again. I figured if these games were capable of keeping me off the Xbox 360 then they are worth sharing with you guys for some Summer Lovin’…

Games so good, you’ll forget all about your surroundings (and friends).

Let’s start off the lovin’ with Tap Tap Revenge 4. For anyone that looking for a great music rhythm game on Android, then look no further; Tap Tap Revenge 4 offers an exhaustive song selection this is only amplified by the sheer amount of free and paid content that is available. If that wasn’t enough, Tap Tap Revenge 4 also offers a pretty cool multi-player section. Here you navigate through available game rooms letting you know the rules for a particular as well as who else is in the room along with you. Once the song starts, it’s battle time! Depending on the rules for the room, you play through the song trying to get the highest score while avoiding the other players tricks. Additionally, you can accrue your own devilish tricks to unleash on your opponents. However, since my screen is a bit small and my phone is a bit laggy, I wasn’t able to see if my tricks were working or what exactly the tricks were.

With that said, the game is extremely buggy but I’m fairly certain that this is due to the fact that my current Android phone sucks. Like seriously, it freezes while using an app and playing music. Regardless, I still find myself playing Tap Tap Revenge 4 because even with the technical issues on my Android, I’m still able to play and still adore playing it.

All in all, Tap Tap Revenge 4 is a definite recommendation for anyone that appreciates rhythm gaming on the go.

Tap Tap Revenge 4
Rating: Low Maturity
Price: Free
Developer: Tapulous (

If music games aren’t your cup of tea then I have another suggestion that may be more up your alley. Well, that is if you’re into classic RPGs. Zenonia 2 has so many great things, that I can honestly say that I’m in love.

Love. LOVE!

Zenonia 2 is a classic style RPG (Role Playing Game) where you select a character class and defeat enemies while leveling up your character’s skills and abilities. Combine that with a truly riveting story, I found myself playing Zenonia 2 for hours. Abandoning the sweet embrace of my Xbox 360 and DS, I wanted to keep delving deeper and deeper through towns and dungeons to uncover the next quest while leveling my character up. If the campaign wasn’t enough, there is an entire multi-player aspect to play through! While visiting the Network Gal (no relation), you can send items to other players or battle them.

I’m personally still playing through the story but honestly cannot put this game down. It’s a must purchase for anyone that loves an RPG and the absolutely best part is that fact that this awesome game is available for only 99 cents! Can you say bargain?

Zenonia 2
Rating: Everyone
Price: $0.99
Developer: Gamevil (