“Swell Coffee Co.” is Absolutely Superb (Coffee Review)

Not all coffee is created equal. In NYC, there is a bevy of coffee options. Each and every coffee bar promises a unique blend with varying price points. After discovering the Cafflano® Klassic, I began to appreciate the ability to grind and brew coffee from the comfort of my own home. Now enter Swell Coffee Co., a San Diego specialty coffee roaster that scours the globe for new coffees. They are “passionate about roasting coffee to be experienced at it’s most flavorful potential.”

For coffee lovers, Swell Coffee might sound really appealing. To get you started, they provide a sample pack that features six packs of their freshly roasted coffees. You can try each of them and select the coffee that you would like delivered to you as well as how frequently you’d like to receive your selected roast. The Swell Coffee subscriptions are tailored to your taste and consumption. I got the chance to try out Swell Coffee for review about a month ago and let’s just see how it went.

During my Swell Coffee trial, I got the chance to try “The Tide is High”, “Adventurous”, “Beach Goth”, “Traditional”, “Natural”, and “Easy Drinking” roasts. Each bag had a label on it describing the taste and flavor notes for the coffee blend. Included in the box was also a small bag which contains an example of the grind size you should strive for when grinding your Swell Coffee beans. This was an extremely helpful touch since it seems that I always found myself grinding all my coffee beans in a very fine grind size. This often led to some watery coffee brews in the past; however, thanks to the sample grind bag, I was able to ensure a consistent grind every time.

As for the brewing instructions, Swell also included a quick start brochure which instructed to check out their website for different brewing methods. If you’re unfamiliar with brewing your own coffee, they do an excellent job of detailing how to brew your coffee using Standard Drip, French Press, Pour Over, Espresso, Chemex, and Aeropress methods. Additionally, they also offer coffee tools in case you lack any of the necessary equipment needed for brewing your coffee at home.

With the six blends I was fortunate to try, it was one hell of a journey. When it came to coffee, I thought they all tasted the same once sugar and milk got involved. Oh, boy was I wrong about that. Each blend differed from the next. Each day I was able to learn more about my own coffee tastes. While I always knew I liked my coffee on the sweeter side, I found myself enjoying the roasts that were not only featuring notes of chocolate but fruit as well. The blends that weren’t my cup of tea, sort of speak, were blends that featured butter and honey. For some reason, these roasts just overwhelmed me. Overall, the sample pack is a great way to discover what Swell has to offer and I really enjoyed it.


Now when we get down to cost, the sample pack is available for $10 on the Swell website which includes six two-ounce bags of whole coffee beans. Afterward, if you choose to subscribe to Swell Coffee Co.‘s delivery service, you can get your favorite roast from the sample pack at a discount and delivered at the frequency of your choosing. If you choose not to subscribe, Swell offers all of their small batch roasts as one-time purchases as well. It’s all up to you on how you’d like to get your caffeine fix.

Swell Coffee Co. roasts is definitely a pick for me. I love that now I know what roasts I truly enjoy and if I choose to, I can have my favorite coffee delivered to me whenever I choose so that I never miss out on my favorite brew.

If you’d like to learn more about Swell and their roasts, please visit their official website here. You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

† A Swell Coffee Sample Pack ($10 value) was provided by Swell for review purposes. We were not compensated for this review. There are no affiliate links included in this post.