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Review: STM Goods Dux Backpack

Originally posted by me on Booredatwork.com… Given our fondness of techy backpacks, products by STM Goods have always been able to grab our attention with something new. At CES 2023, we could not help but notice the Dux Backpack on display at their booth. At first glance, it looks like your run-of-the-mill clamshell backpack, sporting […]

STM Goods MYTH 18L Backpack Review

Trying to find a stylishly comfortable backpack can be an arduous task. Some lack adequate pockets. Others are bulky and uncomfortable when packed. Enter the MYTH 18L Backpack from STM GOODS, a backpack that checks off all my needs. It’s spacious and comfortable when fully loaded. Let’s breakdown what makes MYTH 18L Backpack from STM […]

Razer Rogue 17.3 Laptop Backpack

After Razer showed us their cheaper Razer Blade Pro purchase option at Pax West 2017, they let us have a go at the Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack. The Razer Rogue 17.3 Backpack is a high-end backpack designed for the gamer on the go, especially those who own a Razer Blade Pro or a similarly-sized laptop. […]

Pax West 2017: Razer Showcases New Mouse, Laptop, and Controller

At Pax West 2017, Razer showcased all of the products they announced within the last week and change. The new Razer Basilisk mouse uses customizable and interchangeable components, allowing you to adapt it to your preferred FPS experience. The Razer Blade Pro is now offered with a new configuration allowing for a cheaper price point […]

TYLT ENGERGI PRO Power BackBack Review

[section_title title=Intro, Build and Comfort] TYLT has a wide range of powering solutions for all kinds of tech users, whether you’re mainly stationed in an office or you’re a heavy mobile device user on the go. Where TYLT thrives is in the portability of their products as well as the functionality of their products. We’ve […]