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Castle Crashers Remastered

From The Behemoth, “Castle Crashers Remastered”,  a HD remake of the popular Xbox 360 arcade classic. Featuring 1080p 60fps graphics, higher resolution assets and a new mini game. This will be the must have game for fans and new players alike. Coming this summer on Xbox One and later on Steam.


Castle Crashers Invade Steam

After their huge success on the XBox360 and PlayStation 3, the beloved brawler – Castle Crashers – is stumbling its way towards a new battlefield. The knights are armed with some new features and are ready to win the hearts of gamers all over again.

Toys & Accessories

Lego Cuusoo: Castle Crashers

Earlier this year, Minecraft fans and Mojang petitioned Lego through their Cuusoo site for an official Minecraft Lego set.  The very idea spawned huge fanfare and the project was quickly supported and approved launching earlier this month.  Hoping to ride their success, The Behemoth and Cuusoo user Czar submitted a Castle Crashers Lego set based on the hit XBLA/PSN arcade game. “Can […]