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PAX Prime 2015: Cooler Master Shows Off MasterCase 5 & Pro 5

Time to bring out your inner builder! Cooler Master has been shelling out products to empower PC gamers and PC modding enthusiasts for quite a long time. They pumped out plenty of gamer-specific products with their CM Storm line. Now they are doubling down again on their focus to help both PC modding experts and […]

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CES 2014: Cooler Master – CM Storm Product Tour

  In Las Vegas, hanging out in suites are all the rage. It only gets better when you get a full CM Storm product tour chock full of goodies for experienced and new gaming-PC-building enthusiasts. Building your gaming rig goes beyond just buying the best processor and video card. Cooling, powering and casing play big […]


CM Storm Causing Havoc – Gaming Mouse Review

Cooling Master, with their CM Storm brand, provide a wide assortment of gaming peripherals for the serious PC gamer. At the beginning of the year, they made a big push with their gaming laptop cooling bases. At Pax Prime, we were given a walk-through of their latest innovation in PC casing solutions, the HAF-Stacker. Here […]