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Review: Razer Turret for Xbox One: Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

With Microsoft / Xbox pushing their Play Anywhere titles out slowly but surely, it would not surprise anyone that PC gamers would opt to play those games on PC more than on the Xbox, given the chance. An awesome example of this is how Gears of War 4 was executed. I am no stranger to […]

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Nvidia Shield is Coming to Your Living Room

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock or voluntarily living underneath it, you’ve probably heard of Nvidia’s Shield line of products. The first and second iterations of the product line involved a tablet paired with Nvidia’s own game controller for portable gaming. The latest incarnation no longer aims to travel with you but is designed […]

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CES 2014: Size Doesn’t Matter with the Xi3 Piston Gaming PC

When a gaming rig is mentioned, one usually thinks of a large hulking PC with a sometimes-elaborate water cooling system, major-league power supply and other intimidating internals. I mean, I would sure like to make another menacing tower that can only be moved via team-lift. However we are in an age where our electronics are getting […]

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Mad Catz M.O.J.O Gaming Console and Others

Mad Catz was showcasing their latest in gaming peripherals today at CE Week in NY. S.T.R.I.K.E 3 and 7 Keyboards were present, chocked full of features you’d expect of a gaming keyboard and other features that would grab any gamer’s attention. Also showcased was their new Arcade Stick to launch for the XBox One. But their […]

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NY Games Conference 2012 Highlights

Whenever you attend any conference this year the same buzz words seem to pop up: DLC, Freemium, Next-gen, and fatigue. All central themes that highlighted this year’s NY Games Conference which primarily focused on the business side of game development. It’s a side that most developers, including myself, often overlook. It’s one thing to create […]