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‘The Walking Dead’ Director Greg Nicotero Tapped for Spawn Movie

’ Ever since it was officially announced last summer that there was a new Spawn movie in the works—more than 20 years since the original film release—it’s all seeming to fall into place for creator and director Todd McFarlane. Back in May, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Jamie Foxx (Ray, The Amazing Spider-Man) joined […]

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Justice League in 4DX Review

Justice League is presently in theaters and I couldn’t pass up the chance to check out the movie in 4DX, the world’s first and leading 4D technology-based movie experience. These theaters have special seats which move in around and vibrate along with wind and water effects. Additionally, the theater can emulate fog, rain, and snow in the air and storm lighting and sound effects. All of these combine to create […]


DC All Access Delivers a Must-Watch Live Stream Event for Injustice 2

Today is the day! DC All Access is hosting a special live event featuring Injustice 2 starting at 10am PST (1pm EST). Check out the press release below for all the details regarding today’s Injustice 2 live stream event.   DC ALL ACCESS CELEBRATES UPCOMING RELEASE OF INJUSTICE 2 WITH MUST-WATCH LIVE STREAM EVENT APRIL 28† […]

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Is Superman Real? New Documentary Explores Some Truths

Filmmaker Brett Culp is uncovering the spirit of Superman through several stories of children who have overcome life-threatening situations, loss, disability and other challenges in a new documentary film, Look to the Sky. The not-for-profit film also explores the DC character’s relevance in the world today. Throughout the past year, Culp has traveled to 14 […]

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Injustice Hands-On and Time with Hector Sanchez

Injustice Gods Among Us is every nerd’s wet dream. You get to play as your favorite super hero beating up on other super heroes. Not only is the concept fantastic, but the gameplay is solid too. NetherRealm Studios is developing the title so you can easily expect a very similar gameplay style to Mortal Kombat. Though […]