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Jim Gaffigan – Royal Flush 6 Exclusive!

So what’s your favorite fast food joint?
What comes to mind is Wendy’s, but it can change. There are ones that I”m severely
disappointed by, and a lot of them are in airports, so it’s like, do you really judge Burger King by the one in JFK? But with Wendy’s, it feels like it’s always a safe bet.

Who’s your favorite fast food mascot?
I think that Ronald McDonald is really scary and creepy, so there’s something really appealing about that.

(laughs) But Ronald McDonald literally feels like the first idea they came up with.
There was no thought. “Well, what about just a clown?” Well, let’s think this through! It’s just a clown, alright? All the characters around them are much more well thought out, like the Hamburglar, but with Ronald: “We need a mascot for McDonalds.” ‘All right, yeah. Uh, how about McDonald, uh, Ronald McDonald? And he’s a clown. ‘What does he do?’ ‘He doesn’t do anything.'”

But also Colonel Sanders, having a creepy old guy as your mascot. I read this book about fast food that my wife gave to me in hopes that I would stop eating it (laughs) and there’s some great stories behind fast food.

Like supposedly KFC was really good fried chicken and then they sold it and they kinda bailed on the original recipe, and Colonel Sanders went apeshit. He was like, “What this?” And they literally had to sue him to shut him up cause I think he was doing the equivalent of going on the Today show saying that KFC is not his recipe.

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