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E3 2015: Snail W3D Gaming Smartphone

  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a 3D-ready handheld gaming system that can access the full roster of content available to you in the Google Play store? You may like what Nintendo has done with the very popular 3D-displaying handheld, Nintendo 3DS. Perhaps you visit the Nintendo eShop often place hoping that […]

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Nvidia Shield is Coming to Your Living Room

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock or voluntarily living underneath it, you’ve probably heard of Nvidia’s Shield line of products. The first and second iterations of the product line involved a tablet paired with Nvidia’s own game controller for portable gaming. The latest incarnation no longer aims to travel with you but is designed […]

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HTC Announces the HTC Desire Eye, Re, and the Nexus 9

HTC Announces the HTC Desire Eye, HTC Re, and Nexus 9 In a span of 2 weeks, HTC has announced several new products in hardware and software. On Thursday October 9 at Double Experience, we were shown the bulk of HTC’s latest innovations such as the HTC Desire Eye, a product dead set on pushing […]