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Review: 1More Comfobuds Wireless Headphones

1More has recently released the Comfobuds and Comfobuds Pro, offering a pair of considerably cheaper alternatives to Apple’s AirPods. The Comfobuds counter the AirPods while the Comfobuds Pro combat the AirPods Pro while offering 1More’s own brand of Active Noise Cancelation. Here, we will take a look at 1More’s first iteration of this competitively priced […]

CES 2021 Review: MaskFone – Wireless Mobile Headset Mask

Mask wearing has become a big part of our social lives. As such, media consumers continue to live their lives by wearing headsets around their present-day pandemic-induced face accessories. Listening to music while mask-wearing does not lead to many issues while the two go hand in hand. However, conducting phone calls with a mask outdoors […]