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Bobaflex & Hydrovibe

Melting Faces In Virginia Beach!

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The Doctor Is In! Dr. Pepper That Is!

A Message To All You Guns N’ Roses ‘Chinese Democracy’ Doubters! Should Of Kept Your Mouth Shut!

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Fable II Review!

Developed by Lionhead Studios, Fable II is a fantasy RPG. Fable II for the SeXbox 360 is a great sequel to the 2004 Xbox original Fable.  Fable II has a completely new story with a brand new character.  You choose whether to be a male or a female character at the start of the game.  […]


2 Legendary Contests To Give Your DVD Player Chills!

Win Friday The 13th DVD autographed and personalized by writer Victor Miller, Royal Flush Book 5 and your work featured on! Royal Flush Magazine and the Legendary Victor Miller have put together two super fantastic contests for you puny mortals. As well all know, Victor Miller is the creator of Friday The 13th. He […]

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Uh Oh No Ho-Hos….In School!

Here’s an apple. But I want a cupcake. But here’s an apple. But I want a cupcake. But here’s an apple. But I want a cupcake. But here’s an apple. But I want a cupcake.

Sorry kids, no junk food in school anymore.

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They Tried To Send Him Fan Mail And He Said No No No!

Someone isn’t a fan of fan mail…

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Something Strange And It Could Be In Your Neighborhood!

Drive in style, and bust some ghosts. For $45,000 who wouldn’t want to own the actual car that Murry, Ackroyd and Ramis kicked around NYC in swapping punches with Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmellowman and let’s not forget Vego?

He his VEGO!

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First Katie Couric interview

What will she blow next?

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Breaking News: Mr. Clean Dead At 92

I wonder what they used to clean him up.

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Virgin Comics Has Melted…

As reported before, Virgin Comics is no more. Who took over?

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Aiken For Some Clay

Clay Is Gay, Let’s See What The Clay Baby Has To Say…

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Wanna Rip Superman’s Head Off?

Here’s Your Chance!