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Conan and Andy Lending their Voices to “Halo 4”

I think the video pretty much speaks for itself. Enjoy!

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It’s Official: “Halo 4” hits stores Nov 6, 2012

Minutes ago I got the word that Halo 4‘s release date is now officially set. This November 6th, Halo fans will finally be able to get their hands on the next installment in the popular franchise. Additionally, tonight (April 17th, 2012), Conan O’Brien will help celebrate this fall’s launch of Halo 4 with a special segment […]

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Quantum Conundrum Preview

Fans of Portal, thirsty for a new first person puzzler this year need not fear, Quantum Conundrum by Airtight Games and Square Enix is here to fill that void (or should I say, Portal) in your heart.  You play as a quiet 12 year old boy visiting your Uncle Professor Fitz Quadwrangle, you are tasked […]

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Modest Law’s PAX East’er Weekend Round Up!

 So PAX East’er weekend as come and gone and while you were out macking on chocolate eggs and jelly beans, I was out being awesome! (And by awesome, I mean nearly crippling myself with the amount of walking and driving I did this week) Through the rest of the week I‘ll go into greater detail […]

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Rock Band Weekly DLC Update > Men at Work join Santana this Week

This week the “Smooth” guitar sounds of Santana join the Men at Work with new tracks being released for Rock Band 3 this week.


Return to the Horror in these Resident Evil® 6 Screenshots and Trailer

Resident Evil always holds a special place in my heart but since I can’t finish RE5 with it’s dim witted AI, I’ve been very wary. But after checking out the announcement trailer and screenshots, my initial hope is rekindled yet again. Hopefully, the “evolution” that Capcom continually keeps promising for Resident Evil 6 doesn’t hinder […]

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Three Days Grace Makes it’s Debut in Next Week’s Rock Band Weekly DLC Update

I’m trying my hardest to get back into the swing of things since I’ve been lurking in the shadows for a while. What better way to get started again than with the Rock Band weekly DLC updates. So let’s get started!

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That’s Right!

It’s True! Stephanie K and I will being traveling to Boston MA for this year’s PAX East on April 6th to April 8th to bring you all the cool stuff from the event. Will there be New games, News, Cosplay and a cool logo I whipped up for the occasion? You bet! All that and what will […]

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RFMag Editor’s Holiday Picks

The misfits at Royal Flush Magazine banded together to comprise an interesting holiday list this year. Our staff covers everything from video games and music right down to cooking utensils. If you still need help finding something for anyone on your holiday shopping list, well then, keep reading ‘cause we might have you covered! .

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What’s My Age Again? – Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition Review

I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since “Halo: Combat Evolved” released. Personally, I never got to play “Halo: CE” when it was originally released. So I was excited to hear that it was going to be re-released and remastered for the Xbox 360. And after playing the entire series to date, minus “Halo: CE” […]

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Rocksmith – New way to rock or just a repeat roll?

Let me start off by saying that  I am not a musician. Nor have I ever dreamed of being one. As a matter of fact, in school I purposely stayed away from music classes as much as I could. The thought of playing an instrument just brought on a severe case of boredom. I have always […]

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Harmonix Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again – Dance Central 2 Review

Come on, who else do you think would be doing this review? “Dance Central” is back and better than ever with tons of new add-ons including something we have all been waiting for since the original: Simultaneous Multiplayer! If you couple that with all-new Voice Commands,  revamped Dance and Fitness Modes as well as a Campaign […]