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Teenage Werewolves… from San Antonio?

Far be it for me to call people out on their predilections toward lifestyle, music choice, fashion sense, whatever. Hell, I’m barely holding my own what with my greasy hair, mutton chops and an iPod full of 4 decades of heavy metal… I really have no place ragging on anybody for their choice of lifestyle but, I do have a podium so I will do some pulpiteering.

It appears that there is a growing werewolf population in San Antonio. WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! Before you go grabbing your torch and pitchfork maybe I should rephrase this:

It appears that there is a growing “Werewolf” population in San Antonio. See what I did? I used quotation marks to indicate irony, and not the kind of irony hipsters exploit to wear tight pink unicorn t-shirts while sporting Magnum P.I. mustaches. This irony says “BULLSHIT!”